Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Brownie Batter Baby

Corey worked some more this past weekend on the Blazer trying to figure out why it wouldn't reverse.  He problem solved, he rebuilt, he pulled this part and that (I'd tell you what they are called, but it's all relative to me and I might say he pulled the carburetor from the Transmission and filled it with washer fluid, but somehow I don't think that would be right...) and still, by Sunday night, no luck. 

It's like that Blazer is a pissed off woman and she's standing her ground.  You know, she's happy to go forward and get all up in your face but ask her to back down and she says "Forgetaboutit!"  She just didn't realize that I too am a pissed off woman and I say, "What the Heck, back it up! And since you won't you're going to the Tranmission shop.  Ha! I win" (Excuse me while I go change back from a 5 year old to a grown up)  And that's exactly where she is. 

While he puttered the weekend away the girls and I needed to keep busy.  Since with his work he's gone early and works long hard days, he needs to keep his tummy full.  He also is driving quite often and needs to eat his meals on the road.  Sandwhiches are his lunch food of choice and since bread dries out and is boring we decided to bake some buns.

And since, we love baking, we made cookies, brownies and Chex Mex Chickpeas (mmmm).  It was fun, and the girls are both loving helping out in the kitchen.

Of course, their favourite part comes in when it's time to clean up.  You see nothing pre-cleans the brownie spatchulas like the tongues of two little girls.  It was well worth all the mess and endless amounts of dishes to watch them devour the brownie treats.

I have a video to edit, with Audrey eating her brownie spatula and with every lick she says, "num, num, Num, Num, NUM NUM! Mama!"  It was too cute, it was her first brownie licking experience and I'm pretty sure she's sold.

These two little girls take weekend that could be hair pulling and anger inducing and make them better.  Even in the moments they are the reason for the hair pulling urge, their smiles and their brownie batter smeared faces make everything alright.

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Anonymous said...

Kids always make yummy things look yummier!!!! Hugs to my little sweeties!!!
Love Grammy