Friday, March 26, 2010

Guilty Pleasures!

I was reading this BlogHer article the other day about Guilty pleasures and it got me to thinking, about some of the things that I love so greatly.  Some of them, indulgences that I keep secret, some not so much but all of them things that I "couldn't live without" (although if we're being realistic, it's amazing what a person can live without, but today, I'm not.)

Anyways, I figured since today is Friday and I've been a neglectful blogger this past week.  I'd do one of my greatest guilty pleasures....I'd write a list!!! 

So here it is, my top guilty pleasures, in no particular order:

- Starbucks - Seriously, if you eat, drink and breath air this should be on your list of pleasures.  I don't drink coffee but they have the best Earl Grey Tea and their pastries are fantabulous!  Mmmmm, what I do wish is that I'd have been the genius who'd invented Starbucks.  Not just because of the financial kick backs but because I could have Starbucks every. single. day. Twice!

- Nora Roberts - It's not her, per say that's my guilty pleasure but the many, many novels she's written.  I've read maybe half of them, and that has kept me busy for the past 6 years.  And I'm not a slow reader.  The average size novel takes me about 3 days, 5 now that I've got kids.  Those grocery story Harlequins (which might also be a guilty pleasure, the romance, the steam, the ridiculously buff dudes - ahhhhh yessss) the skinny ones take a few hours.  But Ms. Roberts writes the classier version of such grocery store literature.

- The Hills - with Lauren Conrad - Yes I know it's controlled reality TV but it's mind numbing and funny and it lets me live a life I never would have chosen.  I'm not that girl, not the popular one, not the flighty one (Mom, don't say it, shh), I didn't date 3 billion guys and sleep with even more.  And who wouldn't want to hit Spencer upside the head with a slimmy tuna fish and if you're hitting people upside the head, can't forget Heidi, seriously chick, he's a TOOL!  After Lauren left I totally bailed though, she made the show.  (Although Brody Jenner didn't hurt it)

- The Bachelor/Bachelorette - What can I say I'm a hopeless romantic. 

- Candles/Bubble Baths and a Book - Take a great PartyLite candle, add in an excellent bubble bath and bring along a Nora book and you've got a recipe for heaven.  Sometimes heaven only lasts about 5 minutes before 2 little girls blow through the door, but that's ok.  They're little angels anyways.

- McDonalds - you thought I'd forget. Yes, I love their fries, and yes I love that I can also get a fountain pop, Coke.  No it's not the healthiest choice, but I'm careful, I limit my intake, but when I intake, I enjoy every bite. 

- Coke - The cause of many strifes over the years, weight issues etc, but again everything in moderation right?

- Miley Cyrus - Yes I know she's teeny bopper pop but she knows how to Party in The USA and my girls and I know how to rock that tune

- Frank, Frank Sinatra - I've had a love affair in my mind with Frank since I was in high school.  Ol' Blue eyes could sing the soul right out of a girl, sigh.

- Shopping with my girls - I love shopping with the girls (when they are happy, and not melting down.  Which fortunately for me is most of the time) for clothes, toys and window shopping.  I HATE grocery shopping with them, so I don't, but the other kind I love. (It's even  better when Grammy tags along, we love tag along Gram)

- Evenings with Corey - It's fun to go on date nights, to eat out, to go to a movie, to get a weekend away (we leave tomorrow!!!!!!) but better than all of it, is when we spent our evenings curled up on the couch, and in my chair watching whichever TV series we've decided to rent - currently it's One Tree Hill, having a snack, drinking Tea, just being together.  Knowing out girls are alseep in their beds, being here as a family, they way it should be, that is my greatest G rated pleasure of them all. *wink, couldn't forget to at least hint at that one*

- And because I can't possibly leave them out, my daily blog reads are also a pleasure I hate missing.  One that leaves me feeling as though I'm having withdrawl if I miss a day. - I was going to list them, but I don't feel like doing all the linky work so just check out my blogroll on the side bar.  I'll do another link love post soon, I promise!

What's your guilty pleasure?


The Smith's said...

Ooooh what season of One Tree Hill are you watching? They are definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. I own seasons 1-6.

Anonymous said...

spoiling our matter how old they are...have a great weekend away.....Oh and of course our grand kids....

Anonymous said...

sorry didnt sign it..

Granpa and Nanny