Monday, March 1, 2010

I GIVEAWAY, because I can!

I'm having writters block!  I've got about 6 million post ideas in my head.  The problem is the part of my head that holds ideas and the part of it that formulates their existance aren't on speaking terms.  One's in time out, the other, in a bath.  Their indifference has left me frustrated, blocked and lost.

Since the extend of my running damage control around these parts is limited to making sure Bethany doesn't kick a hole in her sister's rear end and that Audrey doesn't knock her sister unconcious with her Canadian Flag, I've decided it's time for another measure.  A desperate measure, but one that I think everyone will find satisfied.

It's time for, wait for it, wait for it...

A GIVEAWAY!  Something for...dundunduuuuunnnn FREE!

And after an impromptu Facebook Survey the prize has been decided!

A PARTYLITE GIFT PACK!!! Yay for Candles!

I say it's very appropriate, I mean I sell PartyLite candles (which have some awesomeness deals this month!) and I love PartyLite so why not share the love with those I love?!

What does it include?  Well, let me tell you:

- 1 dozen Iced SnowBerries Tealights (because they have been a super favourite amongst my customers)
- 1/2 dozen Cranberry Delight Votives (because they are uber yummy!)
- 1/2 dozen Votives in a suprise Votive Fragrance (because I have 3 great ones to chose from and can't decide today)

How do I enter?!  You can get multiple entries and all in a few moments...

1. Leave a comment telling me your favourite childhood memory of Easter (worth 1 ENTRY)
2. Click on THIS LINK and check out my PartyLite website and come back to tell me your favourite product (worth 1 ENTRY)
3. Blog about this contest, with a link back to me (you'll have to either comment again so I know you blogged or e-mail me at ashleystone7(at)hotmail(dot)com) (worth 2 ENTRIES)
4. Come back each day until the end of the contest and leave a comment on each post (worth 1 ENTRY per day)
5. Facebook about this contest (copy and paste the link to this post in your status) (worth 1 ENTRY)

That's a total of 10 potential entries!!!!!

All without having to get dressed, tell me your age or listen to any recorded messages.  You know what I'm talking about, those phone calls "You have been randomly selected to win $501 cruise 1"

Contest closes at midnight on Sunday March 7 2010, the winner will be randomly selected and announced Monday March 8th 2010.

ps. If you don't want to enter but do want to comment please feel free to do so, just make a note of it on your comment.

Good luck everyone and happy Monday!


Michelle Lefeuvre said...

Yay for giveaways!! :D favorite partylite product is my candle holder that has the panels that can be changed with each season.

As for favorite Easter memory would be back in the day doing the Easter Egg Hunts in the park and finding a plastic egg with a number in it, meaning I won one of the big prizes! Although I don't remember what I won...too long ago! :P

Trish said...

-favourtie partylite product: the Antique Silver Lantern
-Easter memory: outside easter egg hunts - we had to decorate real eggs & then those were hidden & we had to go & find them. There were many kids, so many many eggs, & we had to go far & wide to find them...

Janice Vandyk said...

YAY a give away - thanks!

My favorite Easter memory is getting a new Easter Sunday dress.

My favorite product is the hurricane jars - black raspberry

Anonymous said...

Yeah for givaways! I think one of my favourite memories of Easter is living next door to you and having those easter egg hunts at the garden outside. I can't remember if you and your brother were a part of those hunts, but it sure was fun nonetheless!

Melissa said...

Easter memory: Peeps marshmellow treats!

Fav. party lite item: Brocade Luminary (so pretty) and any candle called "icing on the cake" - wow!

Mya said...

Ok Easter memory, 1990, I have HUGE hair due to bad cut & tight spiral perm. Wake up easter morning, do our "hunt" and mom took a picture of all of us with our loot - Yes a picture.. to remind FOREVER me of how HUGE my horrid hair was. It makes me laugh everytime I see it.

favourite partylite thing - the barrel jars with the shades! How cute.

Jen said...

Another giveaway!yay!

Every time I go to a PartyLite party I'm always drawn to the luminary.