Friday, February 26, 2010

Safety First

This is what happens when Mommy's in a Nasty Funk....

Notice the pizza roll up leftovers on her nose.  She swore she'd wiped her face clean and I didn't have the heart to tell her she slightly ressembled Rudolph

Corey and the girls have learned that when Momma's in a mood, the best decision is to get your Safety Gear!  Safety first ya'll!

In all seriousness, Corey was showing the girls all his gear for his new job and they were playing with Daddy's new "work toys".  Even if I'm still in a rotten mood, I couldn't resist their cuteness!

Happy Weekend everyone!  Hopefully when I return it'll be all ponies and rainbows.  For now it's a little more grunge buggies and rain clouds.  (That's right, that was a Rainbow Brite reference, just wait until I find the appropriate time to pull out Gem!)


Anonymous said...

I love those pictures!!!!!! You should have put on the safety gear too!!!! :) Love you dear. So excited for Corey with his new job. Amazing things happen :)

Love Mom / Grammy

Anonymous said...

You know, I just came back and took a second look. I sure have a handsome son in law. Corey, your smile in these pictures is coming from your heart. So thankful for your new happy!!!
Love you dear
Love Mom / Grammy :)