Monday, March 29, 2010


We're tired, we're happy, we shopped till we dropped and had a great time together!  It is amazing how the span of just over 24 hours alone can leave two people feeling like there has been a refresher on their marriage, and puts a bounce in their steps.

Corey and I had a wonderful time away together.  We spent the majority of Saturday wondering around Metrotown in Vancouver.  We found him a new outfit, I found some new jeans and Corey talked me into purchasing my very first little black dress. 

It was a tough purchase, I tried on a billion dresses, "hmmm'd" and "haw'd", looked at the price tag, spent at least 3/4 of the time picking apart everything I hate about myself, and then I put this one on.  I still saw the I hates about me, I still felt self concious in it, but when I opened the change room door, I also saw the look on my husband's face.  That look, in that moment was enough to make me "Say Yes to the Dress" (it's in quotations because it's the name of TLC tv show).  If he can love me like that, then I'll do my best to pretend I love me too (somethings are worth the fake)

Then we spent the latter part of the time in Metrotown maddly dashing around for shoes, and a necklace.  I have big feet and that makes buying heels difficult.  Add to that I didn't want to spend $300 on them and we had a chore.  But ultimately I settled on an ok pair (which were comfy in the store but have now left actual wear holes into my feet, I think they'll be retired.  At least they looked good) and a pearl necklace.  And we were off.

We had a lovely dinner at the Boathouse on English Bay and then back to our hotel room.  The next morning didn't leave us quite as rested as we'd hope.  While we were kidless, and the time together was nice our room backed against the elevator so I spent all night listening to the thunking and banging of the elevator.  The hotel staff didn't care all that much and shrugged at us after flinging an attitude.  But the thing with weekends away, when you're feeling relaxed (and missing your kids worse than you ever imagined) is that you kind of roll with the punches instead of throwing a few.....So, we checked out unscathed and I didn't wind up on assault charges, due to the clerks attitude.

Then it was off to Granville Island.  I'd forgotten how incredible that place is.  We walked for hours, shopping, LOVING the Kid's Market, looking at things, checking out the ocean, just being together.  It was great, it also left us planning a trip soon with the girls down there.  That place has something for everyone!

Our trip was topped off with a stop at Ikea and it was homeward bound.  We picked up the kidlets, thanked my parents a few dozen times and loaded into the van.  Where, of course the kids claimed their prizes.  I mean seriously, as if I could go shopping and not buy something for them.  Especially in a place full of wonder like Granville Island.  Shopping for them is so way more fun than shopping for us.

It was a wonderful time away together.  It was what Corey and I needed after a really crazy year.  He's worked so hard, we've stressed over different situations and people we've had to deal with, we've worried about finances and have had moments with our kids.  We've had days where it feels we've hardly seen each other, and days where it feels that while we spent all our time together we hardly had time to talk.  It's been life, it is what it is, but sometimes, life needs to take a backseat for just a little while so you can focus on the one you fell in love with, and realize that today 4 and a bit years later that the impossible has happened.  You now love your spouse, your other half, more than you did on the day you were married.

Thank you so much to my wonderful Mom and Dad!  Not only for watching our kids for the weekend, but keeping them entertained and letting them have so very much fun!  We heard about it all evening last night, while we were getting them ready for bed.  And thank you so much for the hotel anniversary gift, we probably wouldn't have gone, if you hadn't given us the push!  You're awesome and we love you!


Niki said...

So glad to hear you got away with your man! Very important and special (says the woman who hadn't done it until 5 years into her marriage!). Glad your mom and dad knew just what you needed and spoiled you with that gift!

(And you look hot in your new dress. So glad you could see the admiring look in Corey's eyes and realize that was the one!)

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Hmm, I can only see the one picture in this post. I'll have to come back later and see! I love the story about how you chose your dress, that is wonderful.

What a great weekend! I miss Vancouver, it's been too long since I've been.

Anonymous said...

So Glad you had a good time. We had a good time with the little ladies. :) You both look amazing! Ashley I am so proud of you my dear, you can't tell you have two little babies. :)

Love Mom / Grammy