Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work he goes

I've mentioned a few times now that Corey is at yet another new job.  Since October we've faced many, many changes and struggles.  While none have been anything very serious (praise the Lord!) some have been extremely taxing on us all.  And while the story of the past 6 months is long, drawn out and confusing.  It can also be long, dry and exhausting, so I'll fast forward to now.

And then I'll rewind slightly.  Corey has gone back driving semi-truck a few months ago, he has been really unhappy working in the marine mechanic industry, add to that he wasn't totally happy with his working conditions where he was, we decided together it was time to change.

The problem with change (aside from the fact that change causes me to hyperventalate - almost seriously) is that it is also challenging.  Corey isn't 20 any more (haha, I'm still at least living in the 20's) and now he has a family to consider, where change used to only effect him, it now impacted us all.  He took that very seriously, and so, the change needed to be thought out.

We spent hours talking, trying to determine what would be the best change, and what he loves.  Corey's one love (outside his God and his family) is driving.  It's something he's good at, it's something that makes him happy, it's what he's trained to do.  And while he's had a few accidents, I trust that he's good at what he does.  Those accidents has extenuating circumstances and I will stand by the fact that those accidents, actually that one in particular happened because God was trying to get Corey's attention, and the message needed to be clear.  He needed to STOP what he was doing (pushing his body too hard letting the pressure of a long haul job over rule common sense at times), Listen to what God was saying and move back to the Okanagan to meet and!

That being said, we agreed that going back driving short haul, where he was home everynight was fine.  If that's what would be a happy thing for him, would provide solid work for us, then that is what we'd do. 

He found a job and yadda, yadda, it wasn't what it turned out to be.  He was being asked to work again, unreasonable hours, on a schedule that only came to us 12 hours or less before he was required to work and again was unstable.

Corey worked hard, took the work he had and continued on in search of a better job.  He dropped off endless resumes, followed up with phone calls and did what is generally unpleasant - he job hunted.  I'm so proud of him for that!  Nobody likes looking for work, and many don't put as much effort in as he did.

We again, found ourselves forced on our knees.  Asking God for guidance and answers.  There where many moments where I doubted, where I was angry, when I was scared.  Corey however, never waivered.  He has faith like that, in people, in God, in life, he believed that the right job was coming and if there were moments he didn't believe it, he never let me see it.  He was, like he always is, my strength.

Then God stepped in and stopped answering "wait" and answered "yes".  Via someone we've met a church, Corey heard of another job opprotunity.  Again, long story short, he's been hired on at a company in a position that makes him happy!  With work that will keep him busy almost all year round, working with and for people he respects!  (Don't sell that short, a good crew, and good boss make for easier work days.)

He's working for Denbow.  A company that offers Planet Friendly Solutions for Agricultural, environmental and landscaping applications.  Huh?

In short what they do is they use huge trucks with huge hoses and spray sawdust, bark multch etc.  onto roof tops, into chicken barns, in large gardens, and so forth.  Check out the link, or this link which also has a great video.  It's pretty awesome all of what they do.  And, to top that off, they just were reviewed in the Canadian Business Journal.   That is a huge honor.

Corey's job is to drive said big trucks.  He's also at times an installer, which means he's on the end of the hose directing product (which is harder than it sounds, those hoses at top notch have the velocity to knock a full grown man off his feet), other times he's on the controller end making sure the product comes out correctly.  And while he hasn't said it, I would imagine he's also wondering if he did turn the hose up to full speed, if he could knock his partner off his feet (who wouldn't wonder, just a little). 

It's the best of both worlds for him.  He loves that he's still driving big trucks, but he also loves that he's physical, that he's able to get out and move around and feel active.  This is, by far the hardest job he's ever had, but it's also the happiest he's ever been.

His hours are long right now, he's working a minimum 11 hour days many of them closer to 13 hours, because spring is their busy season.  He's exhausted.  He comes home at night and has just enough energy to eat, play with the girls and then hit the hay (but he has a shower first  because, dude is dirty!)  It's frustrating to be so tired, but we're so grateful!

So grateful that he's got a good job, one where he's happy, one where he's among friends, one, where we feel he belongs.

And while we are grateful for those things, I am grateful for one more.  I am so thankful for my Corey, for the man whom I love who has worked tirelessly to provide for us.  The guy who's got up for work everyday, even when it meant he was going somewhere he hated.  For the man who, for the most part has smiled his way through a very long 6 months, who continues to smile even though I can see in his eyes he'd rather be dreaming.  I'm thankful that I'm married to the man, who wants with all his heart to provide for his family.

Thanks Corey-Bear!  We love you and we are so very, very proud of you!  Congratulations on a job well done and on a job well earned!


Anonymous said...

Dear Corey,
I am so very proud of you!!! It has been a bit of a journey that God has taken you on to find the right job for the right pay. You are a hard working man and a good husband and father. Thank you for being willing to do whatever it takes to provide for your family. Once we give our hearts over to Jesus He does amazing things in our lives to teach us, guide us , protect us and provide for us. It is awesome for Dad and I to know that you love Him so much and watch Him take you on the journey of life just like He does the same for us. WE love you so much Corey. Keep being focused on what Jesus is doing in and through you and keep focused on His love for you and even on rough days (ohhh we all have those)...on the rough days you can rest assured that He is there with you and that you have a little family at home that adores you.
Love always
Your Mom #2

Angella said...

Way to go, Corey! Working those long days must be tough on all of you. I love how supportive you are of each other. You love shines through in your words, Ashley. :)

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Whew, I am tired just reading this. What a stretch you have had. I am so happy for both of you that it has worked out perfectly. You two were made for each other, that is for certain! Now hopefully things will settle down and you can enjoy the success of this long journey!