Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Highs and the low of Easter

Last weekend, had it's highs and it's lows for us.  It was amazing, after Corey working so long and so hard these past few weeks to have 3 whole days with him to ourselves. 

Friday we spent the day hangin' home, we baked buns, we had warm bun sandwhiches with my parents for lunch.  We had a morning playdate with a good buddy of mine and her two cute kids and then a visit with Cindy and Andres in the afternoon.  Corey played with his new RC toy, Bethany helped, Audrey hung out and dug in the rocks, and I took copious amounts of photos.

"Bethany, smile for an Easter Photo"
Then Saturday came and we headed into the city to Science World and spent an afternoon learning and exploring with our children.  That place has so much to offer, even for kids as small as Audrey.  But it was Bethany who was in awe. Ok and Corey too.  Again I took oodles of photos.
"Mommy, am I done YET?"

Then Sunday came, the girls opened their Easter buckets (we did special Easter buckets that will double as outside buckets because those two can never have too many things to play with outside), and we went to church.  We celebrated the fact that He is Risen!  Jesus died for me, for Corey, for Bethany, for Audrey and for you on Friday and then Sunday He rose again so that I could go to heaven.  And that's pretty freakin' awesome, considering I don't deserve even one ounce of what He's given me.

Eating the Ice Cream
It was a great service, and the sun had finally peaked out.  So, we headed to the lake.  Even though it was cold and AJ fell asleep Corey and Bethany took a lovely walk around the lake, looking so sweet, making memories for them both.  And I, of course took more photos.
Savouring the Ice Cream

What would ice cream be without Daddy?

Enter the weekend's "low" - I tried to show Corey that I had a bazillion photos on my camera and the memory card hardly had any space used up and managed to format the card, completely erasing all the weekends photos.  I had thought that morning before we left, "I should put these on the computer so nothing happens to them. Naaa, I'll do it later..."

My procrastinating butt was royally kicked.  I tried and recovery wasn't to be had.  I was sad.

But I buckled in the sad and headed to Mom and Dad's for a lovely Easter ham dinner.  Have you ever noticed that holiday meals taste way better when you don't have to cook them? 

Trying to get a nice photo with Grammy and Papa
Showing the girls the birdies so they would smile and not push off their laps
The best we could get
We watch The Chipmunks the Squeakual.  So cute!  The kids were in love, and they watched it 3 more times before I had to return it, I also downloaded the album of iTunes, because my girls love to rock out to those squeaks.

Chillin' watching the Chipmunks - or if you're Bethany the Chick-Mucks
I managed to capture the rest of the afternoon, and while it isn't even half of what we did or what I had take, I'm grateful for at least these photos and so grateful for our time together.

Grammy's Girls, taking pictures and telling "Finger Stories"
I also, learned a very, very good lesson.  Don't ever, EVER touch the area market Format for any other reason that to FORMAT YOUR CARD.

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Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Oh no, that's so disappointing when you know you got so many good photos! But these are fantastic, your girls are adorable in their Easter dresses :)