Friday, April 16, 2010

If you're on Facebook, please raise your hand

Question time!  How many of you have profiles on Facebook?
I sheepishly raise my hand.
How many of you check Facebook more than once a day?
Shrinks slightly behind the lady in the front, still raising my hand.
How many of you have Facebook send messages to your phone?

Cough, ahem, cough!

Alright, that was awkward. Let's get on to more pressing questions.

Of those who are Facebookians, how many of you think joining 6.2 billion different groups, eg. "I love standing on my head, while drinking water and painting my toenails" is ridiculous? In fact the more groups people join the harder you think about ignorning their updates?

Sits up a little straighter and raises hand again.
How many of you get requests from complete strangers, people you dislike or strippers?
Raises hand to 1 and 2, shrugs and looks at the creepy guy in the back over #3.
How many of you think that airing dirty laundry on Facebook is childish, silly and solves nothing?

Now raises hand and might wave it slightly.

And finally, how many of you find invitations to be my neighbour on Pet something or other, plant some wheat in Farmville and pick your nose for booger town (or something like that) utterly and completely annoying?

Stands up, jumps up and down and waves hands something like an airport traffic controller!

That's right, while I have succumbed to the Facebook addiction, and I like feeding the nosiest parts of my soul by snooping on this status and that, I do not enjoy any of the above. 

I watch friend after friend join groups like "The worst Facebook break-up EVER" and think you've gone mad.  What's so great about it, aren't all breakups awkward and difficult, do you know the breakies?  Do you feel a grand emotional attatchment to them and that's why you've become a fan of the group?

I also get a little more than slighlty annoyed with the invitations to feed your horse and water your garden in every town, ville and hovel, while I did join one group to help out a friend (Yo! Mya!) I won't do it again.  I might sneak the odd Tetris game or two, I just don't have time, or feel the need to use my spare time on these games.  If you do, that's cool with me, I just don't wanna play.  Kind of like when you've already played Candy Land with your 3 year old 4 times and the thought of the Candy King makes you gag a little, actually you feel as though you've consumed enough "candy" to barf all over said game. 
I just wonder as I decline, ignore and delete all these requests if I'm the only one.  Do any of you have a love hate relationship with Facebook?  What drives you bonkers, ya, totally nuts?


Anonymous said...

You can block all those notifications (Farmville, Media Wars, etc.) My family is multi-national and so I love Facebook to stay in touch with my friends and family who are scattered all over the world. I love the instant chat; I love the way the status updates give me an immediate check-in, like I would get if I was near the loved one geographically; and I love being able to browse through photos. I am on Facebook constantly to maintain these connections with friends and family and I see no shame in that! It is a wonderful program that has enabled me to keep my relationships strong.
I don't really understand the people that have "friendships" that only exist on Facebook, I do find that a little odd. My Facebook friends are all reallife friends.

Marianne Gates said...

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rachel... said...

I must admit to a minor facebook addiction. I love keeping in touch with my friends (RL and online) every day.

And I've hidden ALL the updates from Farmville, Fishville, Mafia Wars, etc. The last thing I need is another online diversion. But the absolute worst to me is logging onto Facebook on a Monday morning to read a hundred status updates about the fact that it's "Monday again :(". OR status updates about the weather: "Loving this sunshine!" (
Really, then why are you on facebook right now?)

Sorry if you do either of these things. You asked. ;)

I followed you here from your Mamapedia article! Cute blog!

Angella said...

My BIGGEST pet peeve is when I'll accept a friend request from a blog reader...only to be bombarded with fan page requests from them. Ugh.