Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When Grandma comes....

This past weekend Grandma came to visit. With Corey's mom living all the way up in Quesnel our visits are few and often far between. It's a long drive from here to there and with two little kids it's not one that we've attempted yet. And with that long drive comes a cost for them when they travel, battles of weather and other things.
Granville Island ball pit and play centre with Daddy

But, on her way to an appointment/surgery in Nanaimo Jackie was able to stop in for the weekend for a visit. We had a great time.

Peaking out at us
Audrey watching her sister in the window.  She was too little to go in so she just had to watch.  Good thing she's such a good sport!
As time has passed Bethany has become more and more attached to each of her grandparents. With each visit, their relationships blossom and grow and it's really special to see. Audrey too is gaining a new relationship with her grandparents. Discovering them, loving them and ultimately enjoying their presence.

Who doesn't love the slides?
We picked Grandma up on Saturday and headed into Granville island for a day of shopping, playing and fun.

One of the big bonus' for our girls in having young grandparents is that they are able to climb and play at the park with them.  Bethany was in heaven hauling grandma around everywhere.

Then on Sunday we headed down to the lake and played, just enjoying the time together.

I think Corey was having as much fun as Audrey was.
I love the following 3 photos but I can't chose which one is my favourite.  What do you think?  I need to make a choice because I'd like to get it printed and hung up in the house...
As a daughter-in-law I have often wondered how the relationship between my girls and Corey's Mom would develope. I knew they'd be close to my mom because we are close in our relationship, in proximity and that's just the way I knew it would be. But because we don't see Corey's mom all that often, I wondered if the same kinds of bonds would develop.
Audrey's very first time throwing rocks.  It was a learning experience for us all, she'd have rather climbed right into the lake.

I stopped wondering this weekend, because they are. Bethany loved having time with Grandma and was visibily sad on Monday when she got up and Grandma had left. She knows she'll see her in a few weeks but still wrote a letter to her today, drawing pictures and smiles.

I can't believe how big B is getting.  She was content to play on her own, peaking out at me, smiling for the camera.
Audrey trying to crawl away.
It was a lovely visit, for us too. Corey misses his mom and it's always good to see them visit.

The other plus to having Grandma around is there is someone else to be on the otherside of the camera so that a family photo doesn't entail the auto setting and Mommy looking like she's sprinted a mile to make it before the beeping stops.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhhh it sounds and looks like an awesome weekend!!! Awesome pictures! So glad you got some time with the kids and the girls Jackie. The distance must be hard!! So glad that it was a fun time for all. Bethany and Audrey it is so good to see the big, big, big smiles you have. You are beautiful little flowers. The picture of your little family is great!!!!

Love Grammy / Mom