Friday, April 30, 2010

What big boys do with their toys

A little while ago Corey received a gift.  Something he's been eyeing and coveting for years, something that in a matter of seconds catapults him backwards into being a kid again.

While many of you are thinking, "Ahhh yes, I know what it is....Lego!" you would normally be correct but today you are totally wrong.  It's not lego, Hot Wheels or Play-Doh.  It's an RC.  A Remote Control Truck.  And not just your average, battery operated toy.  No, no, this bad boy has a gas tank!

Corey's Dad, (who's opened a Motorsports, quads, RC etc. business in Vernon Bert's Wholesale Motorsports  wicked awesome prices for some fancy machines) loving and knowing his sons like he does decided that he'd really like to give them a gift.  While for dramatic purposes I'd like to say he thought and thought about the perfect gift, I know better.  He took one look at his sons and his memories and knew, THIS was what they needed!  Or at least really wanted.

Boy was he right.  Corey was thrilled and has spent much time reading about it, putting it together and playing around.  He's called his brother Scott half a dozen times getting the "dish" on the machine (Scott's spent a little more time tinkering and playing with his) and has bought all the necessary gear. 

Did you know those suckers take 12 batteries!  12 AA batteries, and they don't just take gas from the gas station, noooo they take some special stuff that comes in funky colors and is a pain to find.  And they need their own mini tools and oil changes and maintenance.  Corey told me all about it, I tuned out at the maintenance part, heck if it was for him I probably wouldn't maintain the vehicles I drive, let alone the ones that I could step on.

Ok, so it's not quite that small but you get the drift.

Anyways, Corey's had the last 2 weekends to play.  The first time he pulled it out at my parents house and had everyone, including the girls drive it around the yard.  They had blast and so did he.  Corey loves being able to share parts of himself with his girls. 

Last weekend, Scott and Travis were down to pick up Corey's Mom to go  back to Kelowna.  In true Scott Fashion he came armed with his RC ready to play.  The sun was shining, the afternoon was of the lazy variety and so, after a yummy lunch we all headed out to play. 

I think the pictures and the video speak for themselves.  These things are fun, awesome actually!  If you know someone who's secretly a little boy wearing a "Man Suit" this would be the toy for them, or if you know a dad who works too hard, this would make the perfect Father's day gift. (pssst if you do get one, call us, we'll arrange a play date for our boys)

Untitled from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.
Thanks Dad/Grandpa/Bert, he/we love it!


Anonymous said...

Corey, the look on your face when you are racing that hot Truck is awesome. I can't believe how they take the jumps n stuff. Dad and I had fun that day you were playing with it here I can see that happening more... or at least I hope so. :) We love you Corey, thanks for bringing a light heart and one full of seeing life through the eyes of someone young. That is a huge gift to all of us and a blessing to your little girls.
Love you all!
Mom / Grammy

Anonymous said...

Ps... Ashley you do such a good job of taking pictures and videos. Your family has memories galour and all well done!

Hugs and love
Mom / Gramy

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Those are some fantastic pictures Ashley! What fun!