Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm Gonna be a Clown

Did you know we have too little hams living in this house?  Well, we do.  It's been almost 2 years that we've seen the clown in Bethany develop.  While she's super shy when she first meets someone, it's hardly any time at all before she's dancing and playing peek-a-book with whomever will look.  She does all sorts of tricks and really, loves nothing more than to be the center of attention - in a good way. 

At times she struggles with the moments where Audrey is center stage, especially with Audrey starting to walk.  There is a lot of time spent coaching and cheering Audrey on with each wobbly step.  Bethany cheers too, but sometimes the look on her face shows a little sign of feeling jilted.  We do our best to make them both feel equally important, all the while teaching them to pay attention to the other, to show kindness to their sister and that even if we aren't focused on them we still love them.

What has surprised us though is that it's appearing to be that Audrey is just as much a goof as her big sister.  She's still amidst the throws of her super shy stage (at this age with Bethany if a stranger or a guest said hello, smiled or even looked at her she'd burst into tears), she makes funny faces and frowns like an old man at most people.  But when we are home, on our own she's hilarious.  She copies everything her big sister does, right down to the things that land Bethany in time out.  It's precarious trying to figure out punishments sometimes when they are a tag team.  It goes both ways, Bethany will mimic something her sister is doing, and then laugh even as I scold Audrey.  Egging Audrey on and pushing me to one of two places, either the end of my rope or the verge of laughter with them.  It's not easy.

The other day as we sorted through closets full of clothes that don't fit I came across a wig that we had bought for Bethany's play clothes last summer.  At the time she wanted nothing to do with it and so I had just put it away, knowing later there was a good chance one or both of them would have a little fun.  The other day was "later". 

I put it on Bethany first and while she played for a few minutes and then pulled it off, Audrey watched in wonder.  Next came Audrey's turn and it was, love at first scratch.  She played and played with that wig on, refusing to take it off.  Each time Beth would pull it off, Audrey would sign "more" and point to her head, doing the typical baby "I WANT IT NOW" whine.   So, on it would go and on the saga went.  The two of them played like that for the better part of an hour, and there was more than one moment that left me in stitches.

My kids, they are funny!

Then, later that day, Bethany and I went uptown on a Mommy Date.  Just to a few places, it's our time.  On the way home Bethany announced something she's been saying for weeks.  This time however, she said it with great certainty and added her sister into the mix.

Bethany: "When I grow up I'm gonna be a clown."
Mommy: "You are?  What kind of clown are you going to be?"
Bethany: Silence
Mommy: "You could be a circus clown, or a clown who goes to the hospital to cheer up sick kids or a clown who makes balloon animals in the mall" I full expected her to chose the second or third one, being that both of those things are things she likes
Bethany: "I think a circus clown"
Bethany: "Because they do all of everything and they are cooler.  And Audrey is going to play at church and sing songs to Jesus.  That's it."
Mommy:" Bethy I love you"
Bethany: "I love you too Mommy.  And Papa loves the Canucks"

It was the sweetest conversation and as we drove home, in a van filled with Chipmunks music I got to thinking.  This little girl would make, one wicked awesome clown, if only she'd keep the hair on.

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Anonymous said...

I love those pictures!!!! When I see Beth with the wig on I can hear her saying to me the other day. "Grammy I am going to be a Circus Clown when I get big" When I see Audrey with it on I can see in her eyes the glint of fun and the little clown she can be sometimes. I dearly dearly love those two little girls.

Love always
Mom / Grammy