Thursday, May 20, 2010

Should I or Shouldn't I

Making a solid decision isn't always my strong suit.  In fact, if I could defer every and any decision onto someone else (while "convincing" them to do whatever it is will make me happy in the end) I would, but I can't and I don't.  In this house, if I don't make a decision, most of the decisions, nothing happens.  Apparently that's how it flies when your the mommy and he's the daddy and he's gone to work, a lot!  Now, when it comes down to the serious business, we make every choice together, but the day to day, mundane business, is all in my court.  Anybody wanna swap courts?

Most decisions aren't too tough, what to dress the girls in, when to do the housework, hair up or hair down.  Other decisions require a little more thought, not a year's worth but some, what to make for dinner, should we eat out for dinner, when to get Bethany's hair cut or should I venture out in a storm to go to the library with two kids in tow for one book.  See, not rocket science, but things that require options.

Then you have the decisions that are a pain in the arse.  The ones that make you tap your forehead (in Pooh fashion), lamenting "think, think, think", then leave you looking around, desperate for someone else to jump in, save the day and make the choice for you.

Seems these days I'm facing more than one of those.  Not just me but us, now most of these decisions still aren't earth shattering but a few of them are.  (No family in K-town this does not mean we are considering moving, we're staying put).  I've hmmm'd and hawwww'd about sharing them here, and while some are things I don't mind opening up to the vast unknown that is the internet, some are things I'm keeping private.

Of all the decisions I'm facing right now I have three I'd love for ya'll to weigh in on.  These are not of any huge and great consequence to me (ok so one is), but they are things that I'm stuck on a fence over and thought, "Hmm, maybe some insight from 3rd parties would help".  So I made a decision (wahoo for me!) I'll post a few polls, ask you to vote and leave a comment telling me why you voted what you did. 

Here's my theory - if I collect all the input (it's research) tally it up and then make a choice, and it turns out to be the wrong choice, I can blame the internet, which removes the responsibility from me and everything will be fine.  You, my friends will be my internet scape goats. Are you down with that?

This is the way making a decision makes me feel
Ok, so no, I'm not going to blame you and I'll even be the grown up and take responsibility for my decisions whether good or bad (it's the reasonable thing to do) but I would still love your thoughts on the following subjects.  After all, I can't do it alone...

This one has two parts, second question

And last but not least...

Ok, so now that you've all voted, please comment and tell me the reasons why. Especially when it comes to laptop or netbook! Thanks in advance, I appreciate all the help I can get!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley - I'd love for you to move :) But I'm here to comment on getting a laptop or not. I would say it depends on why you want one. If your computer is old you need a new computer, then a laptop is a good idea - it's really handy because you can obviously take it anywhere with you and it's small. When I say you can take it anywhere, it's true - I love checking email / blogs etc, and with a laptop, you can take it with you on holidays etc - when it might be a better idea to leave it at home. Laptops take up less space, but they do end up "cluttering" other spaces because you take it everywhere, and there are a lot of accessories you can buy for them. Andres and I have had just a mac netbook for a couple of years and we love it; the only thing I find frusturating from experience is that laptops/netbooks tend to "get old" fast and you "need" upgrades. Good luck with your decision! Reading over my comment, it was more a back and forth than anything else - I hope it was helpful!