Monday, May 17, 2010

Good Weather

It's so nice to finally have real spring, almost summer here!  Even though our winter wasn't particularily snowy (read: we had like 2 snow falls and they were meager at best), it felt long.  It rained, a lot.  It was dreary, a lot.  And while I love the cooler seasons because they allow me to wear pants and avoid leg baring, I dislike the fact that they cause us to be trapped inside.

I love! these sunglasses!!!  She was making her "rockstar" face for me.
The kids get antsy, Corey get's restless and my camera starts to whimper, and whine from lack of use.  But as the weather warms and the sun spends more time shining and less time hiding, things feel noticably more positive.

AJ saw a puppy and proceeded to sit on the slide and "bark" at him
There are downsides to this good weather too (I'm sure I'll complain in length about it later, but in short for now, gardening!  Blech) but for the most part when the sun is high in the sky I'm not complaining.

This past week has been particularily lovely.  The temperature has been hovering in the mid 20's and I've deemed many a day "perfect".  With a slight breeze and the smell of cow manure mixed with a little chicken poop burning the hairs in your nostrals, who wouldn't be happy?  Wait, what?  Ok, so I don't love the smell but it's another accompanying factor in this time of year and good weather. 

If my kids could play with rocks all day, they would.  What I want to know is why have we (and when I say we I mean the "we" of all those who have participated) purchased toys for them when a bucket of rocks would have done just fine?
I've also had the camera out quite a bit more and thought for a Monday's sake I'd share some photos from the past week and a bit.  Please be warned the sheer adorableness (I can make up whatever words I want, this is my blog) of my children is awe inspiring.

I love this photo of her, she was so proud of being a big girl on the big swing
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  What's the weather been like where you live?  And how does that make you feel?

Take one and Take two it was impossible to get everyone with a nice face at once.

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Kimmies said...

It has been a long time since I read your blog and commented. I just love all that you have said and done in your blog. I do so love the pics of our granddaughters, naturally they are beautiful. We went camping on the last weekend and had great weather and a relaxing time. love you all.
God bless,
Mom Kimmie