Friday, July 30, 2010

Girl, put your records on*

We're musical beings over here at OFS.  In fact, at the very moment I've got some tune's playing and I'm listening to Bethany sing - "Lady's and Gentlemans, presenting the new song of us....Handy Manny! Handy Manny! Besany and Audrey!  Besany and Audrey!  HANDY MANY AND ME!"  While some tunes are a little more relaxing than others, music is what keeps us kickin'.

I recently downloaded a few new tunes (and got 10 Lilith Fair Songs for Free! From iTunes yay!) and have been boppin' around learning the lyrics, belting them out at the top of my lungs.  I always think it's funny that while I can't seem to remember what's on my grocery list, what I was thinking 15 seconds ago (which can making writing a blog or having a conversation slightly difficult) or what size tires are on my van, I can at any given time recall dozens if not hundreds of song lyrics, in their entirity.  I chalk it up to the learning powers of music and plan whole heartedly to raise genius children by teaching them any and everything important to the tune - "I am slowly going crazy, 1,2,3,4,5,6, switch" because they are responsible for it playing on repeat in my brain at all hours of the day.

And while I love some of my new favourites, I also have some seriously awesome oldies that I hang onto.  I think just like scent, music connects not only to our memories but to our hearts.  Did you know that scent is the only sense that is directly linked to your memory, which is why the smell of Old English Leather might remind you of your Dad or French Vanilla candles remind you that Ashley sells PartyLite and it was the best home party you'd ever had...or something. (random fact #249)

Dan Seals - Bop - This song throws me back to the early 90's, just shortly after my parents bought a CD player (for those of you who don't know, CD's have not been around forever, we used to have cassettes and Atracks and records - google it) my Mom would put this CD on and we'd dance and sing and Jive around our living room.  It's been on my iTunes' playlist for a long time and every so often when it comes on, I stop what I'm doing and tear up the rug with my girls, in our living room, hopefully giving them the same memory.

Brittini Black's - Life is Good - Somedays this parenting, adulthood gig is tough.  I can on occassion get into quite the funk about it and need a pick me up.  I only downloaded this on Sunday, but already it's made my current top 5.  Which, like the American Top 20 with Ryan Seacrest, changes every week.

Crystal Shawanda's - I Need a Man - Now before you go and get all worried, I'm not saying I actually need a man, but this song makes me think of Corey.  It's also my kinda country - which might just drive my Corey nuts but I love the sound of her voice and the kids love jumpin' around while I sing along.  I heard her for the first time when I went to see REBA and loved her then, and yes, REBA almost always required capitals she's that exciting!

Sky's - Love Song - This is a throw back to my awkward and seemingly endless high school days.  This song was cool back then, and while I totally made up the lyrics because I couldn't understand them, I still loved this tune.  It took a long time for iTunes to get it but once they did it was added to the mix.

REBA's - I keep on Loving You - This is new for her, and while I'm mostly a fan of the oldies - Does He love you, Walk On and Is there Life Out There, this song spoke to my heart.  Longevity in marriage these days seems few and far between.  We hear more about people we know and love getting a divorce than we do about them hitting milestone points in their marriage, at least ones that surpass 10 years.  I know marriage is hard, I know it takes work,  I've seen first hand in my parents the battles that it takes to keep it together.  But I also know that I love Corey with every breath I have and in this life I'll do whatever it takes to keep it together. 

U2's - Where the Streets Have No Names - What's a favourite songs list without this one.  It's U2 and it is, in my book the most powerful song ever written and it can shake a soul.  To be cliche and stuff.

As you can see, I've got a pretty good list of awesomes, hopefully if you haven't already you'll go ahead and check them out (otherwise the bazillion hours I spent linking to them all was wasted) and will add a few to your collection.  But here's what I need from you, I need more songs! 

What are you listening to right now?  Don't make it up, don't put something "cool" I want to know what song is playing right this second as you read this.  If there's nothing on the radio/computer/ipod, then what's playing through your mind?

*I know I didn't list Put your Record's on in the group, because it's not top 5 this week, but it is in there and I do like it, and well, it made a good title

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Kami's Khlopchyk said...

My favoutite album of all time is Bon Jovi "Lost Highway". But some people consider them an 80's hair band. I do not :)

I also love Reba. And Carrie Underwood. My music intests are diverse too, just like you.

There isn't anything like connecting to a song, is there?