Monday, August 2, 2010

The moments are so sweet

I love this photo, I love the color, I love the angle and I love the moment.  It was on our adventure day to Whistler, the day had gone well, but if you've ever driven there from Chilliwack and back in one day you'll know that it was long!  The kids had been good, and considering the length of time we'd spent in the car had slept very little.  They were tired, slightly whiney and we were headed home.  Corey glanced over at the park on the ocean and then at me, we didn't have to say anything the decision was easy, we'd stop.  What was another half an hour on a long day to give our little water bugs a chance to throw a few rocks into the sea.  (They also happened to see a seal when we stopped which was the highlight of the day for all of us).

When we are away from home for the day I pack an arsenal of things.  I always have snacks and drinks, back up drinks, first aid kits and more drinks.  I have changes of clothes, jackets, sunscreen, hats, a camera and of course drinks (our kids could probably drink Okanagan lake dry in a day).  And I usually pack pjs for them.  We've learned that it's easier to put them in their gear and let them fall asleep at bedtime or close to it in the van rather than fight them to stay awake.  They don't always pass out, but more often than not they do - making bedtime a breeze, transfer, tuck and relax. 

This trip was no different, they were geared for sleep so at the last minute we added shoes for our stop.  As Corey walked away, one girl on each side, my heart got a little bigger and a little softer.  That picture sums them up.  When Daddy's around he's flanked by his ladies, they're his helpers, he's their playmate and together they're my family.

Maybe I sound like a broken record sometimes, but Corey really is a great Dad.  These guys are so fortunate to have a Dad who loves to do things with them, who hates to miss moments with them and who loves them so much.  He is to them, what my Dad is to me.  Not that their relationships are the same as mine is with my Dad, but the love is.  It's so neat to see how they can have such different relationships with him and yet be so much the same.

Bethany loves to help her Dad, she's on his heels if he's outside working.  She wants to get her "goof-driver" and work under the hood of a car with him, she's content to pick up rocks or dump bucket upon bucket of water all over the driveway just be near him.  If she's not getting her way with me, she'll almost always burst into tears and say the very same thing, "I miss my DAAAAAAD!  I want my Daddy to come home!!!"   Now this is partially because she's convinced that he'd give her whatever it is she's so desiring at the moment, because of course I'm a horrible mother, but part of it is that he's her comfort and she misses him when he's away.

Then there's Audrey, that little girl's world revolves around her Daddy.  He is literally who she asks for every.single.morning.  From her crib you'll hear, "Mama?  MAMA!" and when I walk in it's all, "Da -eee? Dada? Da-eee?!!"  If he's working she'll usually nod and carry on her morning, if not though he first thought is to ambush him in bed.  More than once a day you'll hear her on the phone "Hi Da? Gooo. Ok Bye!"  If the floor creeks, if the washing machine stops or if a fly sneezes she'll say, "Da-ee? Home?"  And when he finally does come home, she races to the door and stands there pounding on it until either he opens it or I do.  When Corey's home she's stuck to him like glue, she'll wait around while he showers, follow him from room to room, she's content to be where he is.  Always.

These girlies love their Dad, he plays different than I do, he lets them try things, he loves to go outside, he's awesome to them.  And the neat thing is, their Daddy loves them back.  I get a kiss when he gets home and then he's off to find the kid who didn't come to the door.  He scoops them up and hugs them with as much enthusiasm as they do and he's happy.

I'm so glad that Corey's that dad who wants his kids around.  I'm so glad that he wants daddy dates with them, that he wants to know their habits and their favourites, that he wants to build a solid bond with each of them, that he can love this parenting gig as much as I do.

But mostly I'm glad that he's my partner in this, and that we can capture those moments, because they really are so sweet.


Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous picture Ashley!!!! And you are so right. Watching Corey be a Dad is such a fun thing for me as his mom#2. He loves you and the girls with so much of his heart. He works hard and plays hard and loves deeply. I am proud of you all as the little family that you have become. Hugs and thanks Corey for loving and taking care of my girls. :)

The Smith's said...

That is a beautiful picture! I am looking forward to seeing how this new baby pans out for Spencer. He loves little kids and I'm excited to see how wrapped up he gets around this little one of ours once it decides to make its debut!