Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Giveaway: It's all Revealed!

Ok, it's Friday!  And you all know what that means?!  It's reveal day!  That's right, although it may be a little later in the day than I intended I have the Summer Giveaway prize assembled and photographs taken and so it's time to share it with ya'll.

Now, before I do that (and the crowd collectively groans.... ) it only seems right that I share another thing that makes me happy.  Seeing as how this is Friday, which is still part of the week, and well....whatever.

When it comes to things that bring me joy, giving gifts tops the list.  I love the look on someone's face when they open a package that I've taken time to either create or purchase.  I love knowing that if it's in the mail, someone will receive said package on a random day (because let's face it I'm too cheap to pay for it to arrive on a specific day) and that it might just be what they needed.  And nothing is greater than the look on Bethany or Audrey's face when I pull something tiny, something to me insiginficant but to them monumental from a shopping bag after a Monday night Grocery shop. 

I think in general making someone happy, brings the average person joy.  Now that's not to say that we don't all enjoy being on the receiving end*, because we do.  But there's something so complete about a selfless act, whether it's a gift, an action or a kind word.  It's one of the great things about this rat race we call life, no matter how crappy your day is, making someone else's better ultimately brightens yours, even just slightly.

That's not just a reference to giveaways here, but to parts of my life in general.  I love sending out small encouragement notes, or thank you cards, or yes, even Facebooking a hello.  You never know when those kind words, even if they are in the form of a comment (hint) make someone feel important, make them feel validated (hint, HINT), make them feel loved (get it yet?).  All kidding aside, take today, after you've commented to solidify yourself a place in this giveaway, and do something kind for someone else. Whatever it is you want to give, that's your business, but do it and savour it and know that you've done something to make everyone happy.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for.  Or at least, you started waiting for it since the beginning of this post, or if you're like me and God forgot to give you patience so you scrolled to this part to see the prize and then went back to dutifully read the post incase there was something important you couldn't miss....

Inside this Summer Giveaway you'll find some of the things we (because this is our family blog) love...

Go Fish Fizzing Bath Sand - This stuff fizzes away in the tub, turning your water a lovely, orange frosty shade
Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast SPF 15 - Remember when I was on my Soap Box a few weeks ago about Suncare, you can't forget your lips, skin cancer grows there and most of us forget to protect them.  Keep in mind that 15 SPF is the minimum required to protect you and more is even better.  Apply often and enjoy!
One Step Cucumber Melon Hand Sanitizer - With the heat and the moisture found in so many places this summer, water parks, pools, beachs bacteria LOVES to grow.  We don't go anywhere without some on hand, keep the worst of the germies away!  And I love the Fragrance.
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage lotion - This does say for stretch marks, and I did use a huge bottle while pregnant with Bethany (hello, two babies and no marks, aside from one on a boob that didn't grow and never got milk, that's Murphey for ya) this is amazing for dry, cracked summer hands and heels.  Put it on at night before bed with some warm socks and you'll have soft heel in no time!
Bath Towel - You'll notice the "beach" towel in the background, I did not notice until after that this is not an adult size towel but rather a kid size one.  That's ok though, we have kids, and if you don't you might have a dog.
St.Ives Apricot Scrub - We love this stuff!  Corey loves it for his face to remove all the grim from work without smelling like a giant orange.  I love it for my face and also my knees - exfoliate your knees before you shave or wax and get a closer, smoother, longer lasting shave (No this is not a commercial)
PartyLite- You'll get a mixed box of a dozen summer PartyLite tealights, to use and enjoy!
Dairy Milk - We've already talked about this, HERE.
Cadbury Flake - This is my FAVOURITE bar.  It's made from the "left over" bits of chocolate from other bars.  It's compressed together and is sheer cadbury heaven in your mouth.  Be warned eat it either cold from the fridge, over a plate (or on ice cream) or with a whole tub of baby wipes because it can be messy
IT's up to you- I will also need to know a special tidbit from the winner to include the final piece to this puzzle.  I couldn't possibly talk about Tim's or Starbucks without including a touch of one.  So the winner will need to Reply to me in the alotted 48 hours, including their favourite drink choice to claim the final prize. 

And that's it, the contest runs until tomorrow.  I've got the rules below to doubley make sure you've been listening.  Don't forget to blog about it, link here and let me know in a comment, you get more entries!  The more linking the more Entries!

Here's how it works, I'm going to post each day this week about something that makes me happy. Be warned some of my "happy thoughts" may be mushy enough to deserve pixie dust, other's might be lame but they're my happy things, and I love them! Your job is to comment each day, answering the question of the day. Each comment (1 per person, per day) from Monday to Saturday will count for 1 entry into the draw I will do on Sunday for a BIG SUMMER GIFT BASKET!

Want more chances to win? Link to us on your blog, or on facebook, Telling your friends to drop your name in their comment and you'll get 1 more entry per friend! Contest closes 12:00pm Saturday July 24 2010, I will post the winner on Sunday July 25 2010, the winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize (which means let me know your mailing address etc) so I can get it in the mail before it's winter.

Question of the Day: Tell me one time, you were completely and utterly happy, with no thought of the next moment?  If you can't remember, tell me what would make you that happy?

*I like receiving gifts (althought I'd rather give them) if I'm not in a huge crowd of people.  I do not like big parties or crowds and surprise parties make me want to puke, so anything other than that is awesome.  Just in case you were planning something for my 30th (which is coming sooner than I'd like, but not this year) please don't... Corey.

pss. This Contest and it's prizes are NOT paid for by anyone else, I bought the prize, I'm not advertising for someone, and stuff.


Karie said...

I was completely and utterly happy, with no thought of the next moment?...The day my husband 'n I were married... 'n... the days that my children were born... 'N now my grand daughters.... God in His infinite glory ... smiled upon this child of His 'n blessed me....

Thank you for your blog that allows me to stop..... think ....remember

Michelle Lefeuvre said...

Well that would definitely have to be the night Bill proposed, it's not a romantic story, but a funny one :)

I was cleaning the bar, in my grubby cleaning clothes, vacuuming away when Bill showed up. He had his hands behind his back and came up to me. "Close your eyes" he said. I smiled and closed my eyes. Laughing inside, I thought, awww, he went and bought me a grape pop. (A couple hours earlier, I told him I had a weird random craving for a grape pop!) "Keep them closed! Now put your hands out" he says. So I do and then he says, "Ok, open your eyes" And I do. There he is....on one knee, with the ring box opened, and a big smile on his face. I stand there shocked for a moment, and then cry uncontrollably with tears and laughter. I don't even remember him asking and me saying yes. It was one of the most happiest, unexpected moments in my life :D

Niki said...

Being on holidays with just my little family, with all we needed in our little RV, and no where we needed to be except enjoying that moment!