Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Giveaway (that's something for free!): Starbucks' Bliss

If we're gonna start talking about things that make us happy, I think now would be a good time to share that I have another love in my life.  One that isn't my children or my husband, one that I visit on a very regular basis and one, that can bring me to heights of great pleasure. 

We're talking about Starbucks people, and not just Starbucks but more importantly Starbucks' Earl Grey tea, sigh.  It's sweet and fragrant and with a little bit of Splenda (did you know that stuff is uber sweet?!!!  Half a package in a Venti tea is more than enough, unless you're my husband and then 3 are necessary) and some milk and you're set for bliss.  Then, if you're feeling indulgent you add a Lemon PoppySeed loaf and pretty much you're heaven bound. 

I make the tea at home sometimes and to be honest, even with milk and Splenda, it's not the same.  I've decided the bliss is in the paper cup, which is actually really frightening but I just don't think of it.  I've also discovered there are two kinds of Canadians, Tim Hortians and Starbuckians, you're either camp Timmy Ho's or heading to the Resort of the 'Bucks.  I am a resort girl all the way.  My husband, will visit Starbucks with me in good humour, but is a true Tim's man and would rather camp there than sleep in 5 star luxury.  Whatever floats your boat dude.

The genius' at Starbucks headquarters also have developed their own lemonade and it's the perfect combination of sweet and tart and yumminess.  It also packs more calories than my usual tea so it's a treat that's had on rare occasions, but one that again is thoroughly enjoyed.  It's crossed my mind on more than one occasion that I should have been more on the ball when I was 12 years from birth and bought shares in Starbucks way back when (They opened in Seattle in 1971 - see, I'm a fount of useless information).  I'd be livin' it up large now and also, I'd probably also be drinking for free.....a girl can dream.

Now before ya'll go grab your keys and head out to the nears S.Bucks, don't forget it's GIVEAWAY WEEK!  You need to comment to get your name in the draw.  Just to be consistant here are the rules again, and yes, they are copy and pasted....

Here's how it works, I'm going to post each day this week about something that makes me happy. Be warned some of my "happy thoughts" may be mushy enough to deserve pixie dust, other's might be lame but they're my happy things, and I love them! Your job is to comment each day, answering the question of the day. Each comment (1 per person, per day) from Monday to Saturday will count for 1 entry into the draw I will do on Sunday for a BIG SUMMER GIFT BASKET! I'll reveal a photo of the basket on Friday, but for now I'll just say it's full of great goodies for everyone.
Want more chances to win? Link to us on your blog, or on facebook, Telling your friends to drop your name in their comment and you'll get 1 more entry per friend! Contest closes 12:00pm Saturday July 24 2010, I will post the winner on Sunday July 25 2010, the winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize (which means let me know your mailing address etc) so I can get it in the mail before it's winter.

*Disclaimer, this contest and it's prizes are provided by Our Family Stone. Nobody gave me anything for free to run it, paid us for the space or is sending us to Europe for a month - but they should have.

So the question of the day is this: What's your love, Starbucks or Tim Hortons?  And since I know you have a favourite, tell me what it is?


kim @ mommyknows said...

I'm a Tim's girl. We drink it at home too.

Michelle Lefeuvre said...

Oh Ashley, I feel your love for Starbucks too. It makes me sad to live in Hope where there's only Timmy's. So getting Starbucks when I'm out of town is a treat for me :) Also, I'm all about the lemonade and lemon poppyseed loaf too! Yum.

The Smith's said...

Ola! I am definitely a Starbucks fan... and I definitely now make my own GTL (green tea lemonade) at home... because the girl told me how to make it. So sad. Although it definitely does not taste the same as the way they make it at the store so when I am in town... I still buy GTL's to drink. I am a fan of the raspberry lemon loaf and the banana chocolate chip loaf too. So yummy in my preggo belly!

Anonymous said...

I can never decide which I like better (don't tell Timmy's though because I've liked him longer!) I love Timmy's steeped tea, it's sooo good and hot and has just the right flavour - you need two milks for a large :) However, if I'm in a cold mood, I love Starbucks strawberry lemonades - oh so good on a sunny day. Every once in a while I'll be in the mood for a vanilla latte as well but those are more few and far in between. I feel like such a traitor when I pop into the S.bucks ... I think I'm a Timmy's girl at heart :)

Jen said...

I'm a Tim Horton's gal all the way!

meeyeehere said...

Starbucks!!! I need star bucks!!! Ooh,I like the Peppermint latte or the Chai latte. I am having such an off day I want Star bucks right now,too bad I would have to travel 45 minutes to get to one.I just might do that anyway.