Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Giveaway Day 1 - Things that Make Me Happy!

I'm generally a "Glass half Full" kinda girl.  I like to think that people are generally good, life doesn't suck very often and when times are tough they're eventually gonna get better.  Somedays though, that's not so true.  I have my moments, (approximately once a month - weeeeird) when the glass isn't just half empty it's also got a crack and is that a fly swimming in my water?!  I can get myself into a funk that is nasty, stinky and rough to see out of. 

And then just when I think the fog will never clear, I'll see this...

and it will make me laugh until I almost pee (again, this generally only happens once a month - bizarre! or when I'm exhausted beyond belief, which happens more like once a week).  That commercial is so absolutely ridiculous I can't help but roar, "I'm on a horse" What?!  The kicker is, in our house we mute commercial, generally they annoy me, Gecko's can't talk, but this one, whenever I see it I unmute.  I just have to, even if Corey shakes his head.  The icing on the cake for me is I love Old Spice.  In fact over the past four years I've converted Corey into an Old Spice deodorant wearing, body wash using feind.  He smells so darn good I can't help but love it!  It's also helpful because when he comes home smelling like cow manure the slight hint of OS left over helps me keep from gagging. (Lova ya babe ) I also totally love the commercial that ran a few years ago where the lady throws a bowling ball down the hallway right into a wall.  I'm pretty sure it was for BCLC but I can't find the link, it's my all time favourite!

Anyways, as facinating as I'm sure you find all this you're probably thinking - "Lame commercial, long post, when do I find out about the GIVEAWAY?!"  Right now!

I got to thinking this weekend about things that make me happy.  And while there are a few that make me sad, the ones that make me happy are in abundance right now.  It's summer, the temperature has returned to a semi normal heat and I have a wicked awesome family.  I also have great blog readers, and I thought why not share the love and make someone else happy? 

Here's how it works,  I'm going to post each day this week about something that makes me happy.  Be warned some of my "happy thoughts" may be mushy enough to deserve pixie dust, other's might be lame but they're my happy things, and I love them!  Your job is to comment each day, answering the question of the day.  Each comment (1 per person, per day) from Monday to Saturday will count for 1 entry into the draw I will do on Sunday for a BIG SUMMER GIFT BASKET!  I'll reveal a photo of the basket on Friday, but for now I'll just say it's full of great goodies for everyone. 

Want more chances to win?  Link to us on your blog, or on facebook, Telling your friends to drop your name in their comment and you'll get 1 more entry per friend!  Contest closes 12:00pm Saturday July 24 2010, I will post the winner on Sunday July 25 2010, the winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize (which means let me know your mailing address etc) so I can get it in the mail before it's winter.

*Disclaimer, this contest and it's prizes are provided by Our Family Stone. Nobody gave me anything for free to run it, paid us for the space or is sending us to Europe for a month - but they should have.
So that being said, here's the first question:

Tell me what your favourite commercial is and why?  Does it make you happy, sad, silly, or just roll your eyes dramatically.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley! I don't have cable so I'll have to pull from the oldies when I used to watch a lot of the tube. I particularly liked the old aero chocolate bar commercial where they were gushing about feeling the bubbles on their tongues. Yeah for giveaways!

kim @ mommyknows said...

My favourite commercial is the Tropicana Orange Juice - Arctic Sun

You can watch at the link above. I love the music and it reminds me of living in the north.

Michelle Lefeuvre said...

Hmm....this is a hard one. Although I do find the above commercial hilarious. Have you seen his new one? Not as funny as the first, I thought. Anyways, the only commercials that come to my mind that I think are cute and funny are the talking babies commercials from "E*Trade" or whatever it is. hehehe :)

The Smith's said...

I definitely do not have cable and thus don't know a whole lot of the commercials that are out there these days... but I do enjoy the Telus commercials. I love all of the different animals that they use especially the hippos and their little ears wiggling away. There is also one from last year that has the final countdown playing and lizards jumping around. But yes Telus commercials are quite enjoyable.