Thursday, July 15, 2010

When Office Girls Play Hookie

Sometimes during the summer months, having to work sucks! After the fall and winter we had with work, I'm ever grateful for the work that both Corey and I have, and this is not a post complaining about the actual process of working. But some days, when the sun is shining and the girls are restless having to work is hard. I feel like an ogre, locking them up in the office dungeon of torture. Other days though, summer work rocks.
Photo courtesy of Grammy

Take for instance, last week when the temperatures were in the bazillions, causing me to sweat in place that deodorant doesn't even go, we got to go to work each day in an office complete with cool drinks, toys for the girls and AIR CONDITIONING! We don't have an air conditioner at home so being in the office was a little reprieve. It made going home a little harder, but we persevered.

Audrey LOVES having her back rubbed/scratched and was melting yesterday
Photos Courtesy of Grammy

Then there's this week, yesterday actually. The weather is nice, we were supposed to be in the office, basking in the coolness, but we weren't. Instead, the office was shut down, we loaded into the van and the boss (notice I did not say my boss) aka. Grammy took us to Harrison Hot Springs for the day to enjoy their Festival of the Arts Children's Day. It was pretty sweet!

We used to go the Children's Day in Harrison when we were kids, I have fond memories of crafts created, treats enjoyed and fun in the sun. It was neat yesterday to share those memories with the girls and watch as they learned to create, splashed in the water and had a great time.
Showing off her Door hanger
Sometimes, having to work means that the kids and I miss out on adventures like that. While my Mom is far from a slave driver (contrary to what the diary from when I was 16 might say), and would happily give us time off for different events, it isn't possible all the time. I do real work there, I get paid to be productive and as is such, I need to produce (work, not children). Most times it doesn't really bother me, we make up for it on the days I don't work and the weekends when Corey's home to enjoy it with us. Every so often though, it makes me sad. Yesterday, would have been one of those days had my own "Super Mom" not stepped in.

It was her official decision (supported by Papa, who would pretty much dump mud over my head if my kids asked him too, so much for having him wrapped around my finger...) to close the office down for a summer staff party. I argued, the pile of papers on my desk was and still is 6 miles high and I had work to do. She argued she was the boss and the papers would wait. I'm glad they will and did, because yesterday was well worth doing! We had a blast!

Thanks Boss, we love ya!


Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Yup, it's official, your boss is WAY better than mine!

Glad you get to have the best of both worlds sometimes, you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

I had so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome to spend that time together. I too remember taking you and Dustin to the Harrison Hotspings Festival of Arts kids days. Oh the fun we had. It was amazing to spend that time with Bethany and Audrey yesterday. AND it was so much fun for me watching you be Mom. You are a wonderful mother and they love you dearly as do I. Thanks for the day girls.... I have three amazing girls in my life. Love you all.
Love Hugs n Prayers
Mom / Grammy