Monday, August 16, 2010

Apparently bikes are for riding

This past two weeks we were able to see Corey's Mom and John twice.  They were on their way to a holiday on some of the beautiful islands off the BC Coast, and were able to stop over here for two sleep overs.  Did I mention, that this holiday consisted of camping and biking?  That's right, they left their truck here and rode their tandum bicycle all over and then back here.  I don't know how many kms that is but pretty much it's too many for me.  Just from the ferries to here was 130 kms and that makes me want to cry.  They arrived, happy, exhausted and burnt to a crisp.

Anyways, the girls were thrilled that they were hear, especially Bethany.  They soaked up time with Grandma and Grandpa, playing, reading stories and going outside.  It's really neat watching their relationships grow, seeing how they'll interact and watching the joy on not only our kids faces but John and Jackie's too.

Because of how much they wanted to do and how many people they needed to see they were only here a short time and the kids were not impressed.  After they drove away last week, Bethany kept telling me, "It's not FAAAIIIR that they have to go home.  Why can't they stay here?"  It's hard to explain to a little girl that not everyone can live in her room and play with her every second of every day, even if they want to.

It was great to see them and we're looking forward to their trip back in October!

ps. Don't forget the GIVEAWAY!!!!


The Smith's said...

Okay that is just ridiculous. Tooo much bike riding for me. Makes my legs burn just thinking about that much bike riding!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley & Corey and girls,
I had no idea how burnt I was, but your pics sure show it. I must say our visit was way too short, but really great. I am already trying to figure a way to get down before Oct. but not looking in my favour. I sure love my granddaughters and miss them sooooo much. Thanks again for all you did and putting us up. We biked 330km over all, and it really was a blast. Love you all and may God bless you, John & Mom