Friday, August 13, 2010

Top 10 Must Have Items for Baby and a GIVEAWAY!

So, I'm running a GIVEAWAY over at my review blog!!!!  If you head over there you can see what it's about.  Part of my post is that I'm going to list my Top 10 Must Have Items for baby.  I decided, since ya'll are baby lovers I'd share my list here and see what you think.

10. A support system - I know it's not really an item, but it's key to survival.  The first few weeks with a new baby are exhausting.  They are emotional, draining and new.  Having people around you, spouses, family, friends or even your health nurse and doctor mean that you can face those things one step at a time.  It means there is someone there to hold your baby while you go pee, there's someone to give you a tip when you don't know what to do or just to listen when you need to cry because everything is overwhelming, you don't know what to do and now your socks don't match!

9. A Good Stroller - After going through 3 strollers in as many years I have to say they are a big investment, as big as a car.  Do your homework, think it out and then purchase with care.  If you're planning on having more than one child think about doubles, covertable and sport strollers.  Even if it seems far off, do you really want to have to purchase another stroller a year or two down the road?

8. Bottles/Formula -  Now I'm the first to say I believe breast is, when at all possible your best choice.  I'm down with breastfeeding, but we all know it wasn't down with me.  I lack in the production department, which meant that my kids needed formula.  And yes, I mean needed.  If I hadn't had a few bottles and some sample formula here when they each came home, they would have starved - literally, production in this body didn't happen.  Even if you plan to nurse, be prepared just in case.  You never know when you'll be glad you have it on hand.

7. Snuggly Receiving blankets -  There's something so sweet about snuggling your new baby up in a soft, gender specific blankie.  We had girls and I loved looking at them bundled up in a sweet pink blanket.  They also came in handy when Audrey was spewing formula down my shirt, due to some seriously nasty episodes of spit-up.

6. Tiny Sleepers - Everyone said to us before we brought Bethany home.  "Don't bother with newborn stuff, they out grow it too fast.  Best to stock up on 3 month clothes, most kids never wear newborn"  Due to that, Bethany came home in a sleeper that her feet didn't pass the crotch and the sleeves were folded up 4 times.  I also wound up out sleeper shopping a few days after her birth.  Have a few on hand.  As much as it feels like you've birthed a teenager, these babies are tiny and need sweet tiny sleepers to come home.  Also, those sleepers make good reminders that yes they were that small, and no it wasn't just sleep delerium that had you thinking so.

5. Hypo- Allergenic baby soap - I've got nothing against Johnson's baby products, but they didn't really work for us.  Our girls had super sensitive skin and the usual baby products dried them out and left them rashy.  We loved the Bert's Bee's Baby line!  It smelled sooooo good and they were soft and crack free.  It was a little more pricey but it was worth every penny.

4. A diary - Have a book to jot down the tiny things.  I promise you think you'll remember but you won't.  I've kept one beside my chair in the living room for each of our girls since I was pregnant with them.  Those little notes and blips have jogged my memory and will one day be something special to share with them.

3. Diaper Cream - There are more than just one reason to have a good diaper cream on hand when it comes to your kidlets.  It helps prevent diaper rash, soothe and cure diaper rash and also, good cream helps that meconium poop and subsequent baby poops a little easier to clean off.  

2. Camera - This is almost a duh! moment, but I figured I'd better say it.  I won't be without our camera, it captures the big stuff and the little and helps with the Mommy brain.  Yes, you know Mommy Brain it's where you can only remember things for about 35 seconds before your brain blanks and you have to ask someone what your name is. 

1. Love, Patience, Tears and Tissues - New babies bring with them buckets and buckets of "news".  The new baby, the new experience, the new memories, the new emotions.  Your heart is overwhelmed with the new love and the fact that life doesn't move as fast as it used to, heck neither do you.  There will be moments you look at your child and tears fall because you didn't know it possible to be this IN LOVE with anyone.  Even if you said you knew it before you had them, you soooo have never felt this.  You're also tired, so you'll probably cry at things that don't matter and laugh at things that aren't funny.  But at the time wears on you realize that while those things might fade a litte the love just keeps growing, same as your new precious babe.

So there you have it.  My Top 10.  I could go on for days about everything you need for baby, but those are the ones, when I think back to my girls being tiny that I think off.  Time goes to fast, hang on to your hat.  Now go over to OFS Reviews, leave me a comment with what one of your Top Items is and see how to win. 

And, if you don't want to enter the contest but have a great tidbit to share with the expecting and new mommas that are hear reading, leave me a comment here to share!


The Smith's said...

Hey Ashley!
Thanks for the list! I actually have quite a bit of that stuff especially in samples. I am also wondering... did I still win your giveaway from last month? I did email you about it as soon as I saw it but never got a response and I have been checking my empty mailbox on campus and haven't seen anything come through yet... so I was just wondering if I still won or you ended up choosing someone else. If you could let me know that would be great! Thanks!

Andrea said...

Great topic Ashely. I really loved having those baby nightgowns when my boy was a wee one. I found they made middle of the night diaper changes easier.

We did major research before we bought our stroller. We invested and I love the one we picked. Since we live in the city, we walk everywhere and the stroller is our extension. We have put many miles on our UppaBaby Vista and it has held up amazingly well.