Wednesday, August 18, 2010


With the expanding of Audrey's vocabulary come some very interesting words and phrases.  This stage with Bethany was one of my favourites as well as one of the most frustrating.  I love seeing and hearing them learn all sorts of new words, hearing how they say difficult words and finally reaching that communication place with them.  It drives me and them crazy that sometimes try as they might, I can't at all understand what they want/need.  The moments where they ask and ask for something and I can't provide it, leaves us all ready to cry.  Lucky for me, this time around Audrey has Bethany as an interpreteur.

I managed to capture one of my favourite new phrases on camera, check it out...

Butt... from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.

What she's trying to say is "Button" but for now it comes out "Butt".  I totally roared, then I had to straighten up and gently correct her.  She loves the "T" sound and can be heard adding it to many things "Bedt"  or "Boot (which is Book with a T sound, not boot the footwear), it's cute and it's funny.  The later part of that video makes me giggle because you can see the common theme, while I asked her to say Papa, she'd much rather say it than almost anything else.  Much to her mother's frustration and her Papa's joy.  She's also finally started calling my mom something - "Bram".  It's pretty cute hearing her holler for "Braaaaam!  Braaaam!  BRAM!"  each day when we get to work.

These little videos and these days are a constant reminder than 6 months for now, she's going to be chattering up a storm right alongside her big sister.

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Niki said...

Cute video of your sweetie! Jorja liked it too! :)

My mom is Grammy too, and for awhile Kaleb called her "Tammy" and it kinda stuck with the adults for a bit, just because we thought it was so funny!