Thursday, August 19, 2010

When best friends come a calling

Tuesday brought a day I've been super excited for.  My good ol' buddy Cindy and her new baby girl Elanie came for a visit.  Cindy, being a much braver woman than I, drove from Kamloops to Chilliwack, with Elanie alone!  Gasp!!!

 I love this photo of Bethany "watching over" Elanie, and hope as they grow that's exactly what she does.
Now that may not seem too bad, except Elanie is just over 2 months old and that's a very long way to take a baby without a passanger to do the "work" while you drive.  But she braved the day and arrived here, tired but happy.  I was over joyed.  We were able to see Elanie on Canada Day but it was so brief I didn't get a chance to hold and cuddle her.  Something that I've only been waiting to do since the day Cindy called to say they were pregnant.

Most of the friends I have now are friends from my adult life.  I've met them since I've been potty trained and we've developed adult friendships.  That's not so much the case with Cindy.  Not that our friendship isn't adult, but it's grown to that.  We've grown up together, we played barbies and dressed up our brothers in play clothes, we talked about boys and our periods (what else to 13 year old girls talk about) we drempt of prince charming and the day that we'd each be a mother.

She moved away when we were in middle school, but faxes and snail mail kept our friendship kickin'.  Actually that's not totally true, God kept it going.  Anyways, somewhere in the back of my mind I always thought we'd one day be living side by side raising our kids together.  I know I'm an adult and I know that life doesn't always work that neat and tidy, but I can dream right?

AJ was in love and just wanted to be near her and love her. 
All those years ago we talked of having daughter who would be the best of friends like we are.  And while, I don't know how their friendship and their bond will grow over time I do know that this visit my girls were IN LOVE with Elanie.  Bethany cooed and blew kisses, tried to "play" with her and Audrey was taken.  She'd watch her and get close, she wanted to cuddle, and was infatuated.  I think though, the sweetest moment came for me when Elanie sneezed.  Audrey disappeared and few moments later returned, carrying a tissue for  her.  It was compassion and sweet and awwww.

Once my kiddos were in bed Cindy and I got to sit down for some good, long over due girl talk.  It was medicine to my soul. 

Thanks for braving the drive Cindy, it was sooo good to see you!  And it won't be so long next time :)

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kim @ mommyknows said...

It sounds like a good time :) I love seeing old friends.

Holy cute kids!

Angella said...

Aw...old friends are the best!

(I was also going to click through to your review blog, but I don't see a link? )

Anonymous said...

Ashley - you'll have to send me those pictures - too cute! I love you and your girls :)