Monday, September 13, 2010

It's a hair affair

One of my favourite things about having girls (ok so the list is 6 miles long) is the fact that I can let them have beautiful long hair.  I love having my hair long, playing with it, straightening it, begging whatever is left of my curls after two pregnancies to appear and so on.  So when I found out I would have not 1 but 2 girls, visions of ponytails and french braids danced through my head.

Now it's taken a long time to get to a place where either of those two things were a possibility for either of our girls.  I went back and tried to find the post of the first time I did a ponytail or the like in Bethany's hair but couldn't find it.  She was almost 2 before I could even squeak out two teeny, tiny pig tails at the back amidst her mullet.  Audrey was much younger when I was able to "do" her hair but with each millimeter it grows I become increasingly excited about the newest do possibility.

This past few weeks has seen a few newbies in this house and I'm so excited.  Audrey has earned her very first ponytail  and as you can see above, Bethany is into french braids!!!!

They're both so good about getting their hair done, and although Audrey really can't handle sitting still for more than 30 seconds we manage ok.  Bethany is my trooper, she sat still for 15 minutes this morning while I figured out how to do an inside out braid for her. 

After all the fuss and muss and half a can of hairspray, all I can say is - little girls ROCK!


Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Adorable! And one thing I do miss, sometimes, with having only boys around. Though the complaining about combing it out, I don't miss!

The Smith's said...

So... that would be one downside to having a baby girl... I suck at doing hair. I cannot french braid for the life of me! I have tried on myself and on other girls but it just does not work well for me. Sigh. Maybe I'll figure it out one day.