Thursday, October 19, 2006

Patience Anyone?

Of all the things that God has so graciously given to me patience isn't one of them. In fact I think he completely neglected it all together. I don't like to wait...for anything. I don't sit still well at all (I am constantly fidgetting), I think cookies should be cool as soon as they come out of the oven (then I wouldn't burn my tongue) and slow drivers should just move! The faster something gets done the less time I have to wait for the finished product. I used to pray
"Lord, please hurry up and give me patience! I'm sick of waiting." Seems a little futile I know but well I was desperate.
Corey on the other hand has this abundance of patience (I'm still looking into whether or not he has my "missing patience" stored up somewhere.) He loves the anticipation that comes with waiting. Nothing is a rush for him, everything happens in it's time and that's just how he likes it. As I'm sure you can imagine we make quite the pair....tortouse and Hair we are.
Now I thought waiting for our wedding day would be the hardest thing I would have to wait for. Boy was I wrong! Waiting for this baby to get out is waaaaay harder. I mean seriously 9 months (or more like 10) pregnant? Not only are we excited to meet our little one but I am getting tired of nothing fitting, having to pee every 15 minutes and the incredible mood swings. I thought my lack of patience was bad before, well those lovely pregnancy hormones have definately helped to magnify the drama queen in me.
Thank goodness we are heading for the home stretch. Once we are a little closer she is more than welcome early! I have more room out here for a baby than I do in there, trust me! And I am standing firm on what I've told the doctor - once I go into labor 4 hours tops. That's what I figure I can handle...I mean you're kidding me if you think I want to wait through 40 hours of labor!
The doctor laughed! Called me crazy and laughed some more. Hmmmmm I don't think it's even the slightest bit funny!


Amanda said...

Hey, guys! Great to see that you've caught the blogging bug. :) Ashley, you write exactly the way you speak; I can hear our voice as I read. Take care and post some pictures soon!

From Steve and Amanda

TIANNA said...

It is nice to hear from you guys! I think you have been very patient considering how long you have been off work and in the hospital and hanging around the house. I have only been off for two weeks and I am getting impatient!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie,
Well I figured out what I had done wrong that I couldn't read the rest of your posts.

You know.. when you were a little wee girl you didn't have much in the patience department. You kept me on my toes and ya know I loved it. You are joining a lot of your friends on a journey that will take you deep into your heart. From the first time you hold that baby, through the temper tantrums, through the laughter, love, fights and finally the "let go". I have been that part of the journey with you and Dustin and oh what a blessing it is. Wish I could turn back time and do it all again. Something to remember.
Your "lack of patience" as you see it is also your strength. You like to get things done, you are on guard for the wellfare of your family and don't always take no as an answer. (just ask me) All that makes for a strong mother who will always stand in defence of her husband and children. It will make you strong to stand up at school when you don't like something that is going on. It will make you strong for the nights your kids are up sick and you haven't had sleep. The patience part is within... deep within and in a special place. Your heart.

Wow, better stop there... gonna make myself cry! Menopause! Grrr. You got the pregnancy hormones I got the going out of the hormones! hahaha

Love always