Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Belly Shot and Head Down

The head is down! Far too early this morning Corey and I made the journey to Vernon for our final ultrasound. After climbing what seemed like a million flights of stairs we were greeted by a less than friendly techinician, who quickly informed Corey that he was not invited into the initial part of the ultrasound. Cranky old cow (I know I know...not nice), she has no idea how close she came to seeing the wrath of a very grumpy, very pregnant woman who had a bladder way beyond capacity. Good thing I have a smidgen of self control.

Was I ever releaved to hear that the baby's head is down and that she is "part of the way dropped" whatever that means. I don't know how much further she has to go but "Horray for Baby Stone!" she knows which way is out and is on her way. The tech spent some time diggin' around taking some more pictures and gathering the information that the doctor needs to determine whether or not this little one has enough fluid to swim in and is big enough. Then, as if she could read my mind she asked if I wanted to call my husband in, "Yes Please!!" I will take back the Cranky cow comment because after this point she wasn't so mean and actually showed Corey a few things - head, heart, nose, elbow etc. Turns out this little baby has a fasination with her hands and was sucking her thumb, just like the previous ultra sound showed.

Corey was so glad he was able to see another ultra sound and couldn't help but comment that he was glad to see that the baby got my nose...awww too cute. Thanks babe!

So as it stands right now things are looking good, no breech is a great piece of information. I was so glad to learn that I wouldn't have to have a C-Section and a tiny bit sad because I really wanted to know the exact arrival date. Oh well, be patient :P

Here is the latest belly shot. Not the greatest of pictures but proof that I am still growing.


Amanda said...

You look wonderful! I can't believe how quickly your due date is approaching! Glad all is well with that baby!

Anonymous said...

Ashley, you look so wonderful and very small. I am so glad to hear you are doing well and baby is so ready to show up soon. May God's many Blessings be upon you all,
Love you guys, John and Mom

Mom G said...

Oh Sweetie. You look wonderful. Daddy and I were reading your post together and turned us into a pile of mush! Love ya tons!!

Mom G