Monday, December 11, 2006

Missing: Christmas Spirit

Does anyone have any extra Christmas spirit kickin' around this year? It seems that in the past move, where I did some junk cleansing I have thrown mine out.
Christmas typically is my favorite time of year. I love the music, the shopping, the wrapping, the baking and of course the story. This year is a little different, it seems that my inner Grinch is trying to sneak out. And to be quite honest with you, I don't like green enough to let that happen.

Maybe it's because our Christmas season this year is a little strange with everything that's happening. Maybe it's because I have 1000x more hormones of every kind running through my veins at the moment. Or, maybe it's because I am feeling more like a beach ball with legs with each passing day. Whatever the reason I am doing my best to cheer up, put on a smile and get over my self pity.
We are having our "Christmas" celebration this weekend with Corey's Dad, brother & his fiance, and my parents. We are being a little pro-active as we don't want to have to miss the Turkey if our little "Pebble" decides to make her appearance early. (Which is the hope!) That and this way we can all be together for the season and enjoy each other.

This celebration is a first for us, as we are hosting. Who's crazy idea was that you ask? To get a 37 week pregnant woman preparing the world's most important meal. Mine. I made the suggestion 6 months ago when I thought I'd be super woman and have no problem with the task. Thank heavens my mom and my husband are going to be here to help because as it stands right now I can't bend over to get the turkey in our out of the oven without doing some special aerobics. I am sure by the time Saturday rolls around everything will be in order but for now it's a little intimidating.
Oh well, I'm sure doing a little decorating, a little christmas baking and somemore Mariah Carey's Christmas will get me in the spirit. But just in case it doesn't, if any of you have any extra of that elusive "Christams Spirit" kickin' around could you please send it my way? Thanks!


Amanda said...

I'm not really in the Christmas spirit yet either. I just can; believe it's December already, let alone the holidays! We'll be spending Xmas in Regina with my family so I am hoping once I step through the doors of the home I grew up in, and consume my body weight in mom's shortbread, I'll be feeling more festive.
I hope your meal is a hit...I'm sure it will be grand. Can't wait to meet that li'l Pebble of yours. I have a feeling you'll deliver early. :)

denise said...

Hey Ashley and Cory, I'm excited for you guys on your first arrival. I also am having a hard time getting into the spirit over here as it does not feel like Dec. warmish and lots of rain. Also not liking the fact we are away from our fam and new baby. I haven't even done any baking yet! I pray all will go well for you, and thank you mom for her comments on our blog. Celebrating the birth of Jesus, Merry Christmas!!