Monday, December 18, 2006

Sportin' a Tude and Sorry for it

One of life's greatest joys for me has always been sitting down and reading a book. If a book is good I will read and re-read it until the pages are falling out, savoring each word like chocolate. One of those books is called "Sportin' a 'Tude" by Patsy Clairmont. It is a wondefully inspirational and hilarious book about all the different 'Tudes as women we sport from time to time and how to turn them into a spiritual blessing. If you haven't read it I highly reccomend you do.

Over the past few days I have had quite the epiphany.....I NEED to pick up that book again because the 'tude this pregnant girl is sportin' is a whopper. It seems that the past week or so the raging pregnancy hormones have taken a pretty good grip on my moods and I've become a little less than friendly at times. I took a little gander back at the past few blog posts and don't I sound like quite the whiner, complainer and little Miss Cranky Pants. Life's not so bad but apparently I can't see that through my own self pity.

I am sick of being pregnant, 110% finished with this pregnancy. For the past 4 doctor's visits I have been informed that I've been gaining too much weight despite my desperate attempts to eat healthy and only gain the alloted 1lb a week. And even though I've "gained too much" I still don't look as pregnant as others have or do. Add both of those things to the fact that like every pregnant woman I have a permanant toilet seat imprint on my butt, I had to get my wedding rings CUT off yesterday because I'm retaining the Atlantic ocean in my hands and feet and this baby living in my belly has decided that practicing her soccer skills on my ribs would be fun, and you get a less than jovial companion.

However, I have a husband who loves me more than I thought anyone on this earth was capable of, my dad built us the most beautiful change table, my mom has been sewing her heart out making bumper pads, curtains, cloth diapers, Jackie(Corey's mom) has also been sewing for us with a vegence, we have a lovely home to live in, wonderful friends around us and many more things to be thankful for. I've just been so lost in my own woes I haven't paid much attention to them.

That being said please accept my most sincere apologize for the whining, complaining and self- centred grumpy 'tude. I promise to read my book again and have something a little more uplifitng for ya'll to read soon. Thank you to everyone who's been working so hard for both Corey and I and our new little one, we love you!. As was requested by a certain cousin below is yesterday's latest and probably the last belly shot I'm going to pose for.


Amanda said...

You look wonderful, Ashley! Tell those scale nazis to take a hike...I gained MORE than my fair share while pregnant and it does come off (slowly, mind you, but surely). I hated getting weighed each week. One week my doc said, "Hmmm, you've gained 3 lbs this week, are you retaining water?" Then she squeezed my wrists and ankles and said, "That's funny, you're not." Meaning it was 100% pure LARD I had packed on that week. Gotta love that! Our bodies do what they gotta do. :)
You don't need to apologize for being a little grumpy as the final countdown carries on. It's hard work carrying a life, and you have had more than your share of trials throughout this pregnancy. Soon it will all be over and you'll be rocking your sweet pebble. Can't wait!

Mom G said...

My dear little Girl. You look so amazing Honey. Within you is growing a very special little person. God knows this baby very well and so do you. Soon you get to hold that little Sweet Pea. Don't worry about the "grumpies". They will pass. Until you get to menopause at least..haha I can attest to that one. Love you Honey. Hang in there... you are doing great!
Love Mom