Sunday, December 24, 2006

The room is done, where's the baby?

Ta Da! We are finished! Our baby room is now officially ready to welcome this new little squirmy pebble. After what seems like countless attempts at completion Corey and I buckled down this afternoon and got it done. We even hung the shelves without a level (I know I know, a carpenter's daughter with out a level, embarassing to say the least.) which was in it's self a very creative adventure. I have sorted and re-sorted the change table, packed the diaper bag with everything necessary to be stranded on Gilligan's Island and even put our first ding in the wall.

So my question to you all is, why isn't she* here yet? I mean seriously we're ready..."HELLOOOOOO, come out". At first I thought she was waiting for the change table to arrive, that happened last week so that wasn't it. Then I thought she was waiting for my hospital bag stuff to be ready, done...still no baby. I served her an eviction notice, hoping she'd get the point but she is a stubborn tenant. Finally I figured, "Of Course! She needs to know her room is tidy, ready and available", well it is and still it's empty. I don't know what else this kid wants...Donald Trump to re-evaluate his comb over? - not gonna happen.

Anyways, here are the pictures to survey our work. Don't worry the stuffies won't be in the cradle or the crib at the same time as the baby, they are just keeping things warm. And if any of ya'll have any "Get Baby out Now!" suggestions please let me know.

*Please be advised that any and all references to "she" may need to be replaced with "he" after the awaited birth.*


Mom G said...

This is so beautiful!!! Dear Little Sweet Pea you are going to be so comfortable!!!! And you are already loved!!!!!!

Now... come out!!!! Grandma wants to hold you. :) Oh yea, and Mom is umm kinda uncomfortable.

I love you all so much!!!

Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Mom K and brothers said,
We think this little boy should not be so stubborn, and come out now. Ashley and Corey, I think this little one does not agree that you have everything ready, and that is why there is no show yet...John thinks that you will be Blessed when God is ready to bring him out into your arms...LOL, John, Mom and boys...