Thursday, January 4, 2007

Our Baby Girl!!!

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls will you please welcome to the stage the newest arrival to the Stone family..... Bethany Hope Stone!"

That's right folks, our long wait is finally over and our little pebble has finally arrived, a baby girl. (Just like I said she was....I never doubted it for a second...heehee) Bethany was born Tuesday evening at 6:18pm, 7lbs 8 ounces after 14.5 hours of labor. Once we settle in a little more I will captivate you all with our "lovely" birth story but for now let me brag a little about my girl!

She is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. Now I know every parent feels this way and says this but I'm serious. In our eyes there is none more precious, more beautiful, more perfect. She has dark brown hair, big baby blue eyes (as they all do), her daddy's charming smile - which she flashed at him the moment he held her and my nose.

I can't believe that after all this time our little girl has arrived. I knew that I would love her, I loved her even when I was pregnant with her but I wasn't prepared for how much I'd love her. It's such a blessing and what a joy! And what's more I didn't realize that this little one would magnify the love that Corey and I share for each other, but she has.

Corey is beyond taken with her, and can't keep his eyes from her face. I don't think an hour has passed by since she was born that I haven't heard him say, "She's just so cute!" or "Look how beautiful she is." I'd have to say he's fallen, completely and totally in love with this little girl.

Below are a few of the pictures from her first day. As mentioned before once I'm settled a little I will post some more but for now, my half asleep brain is cooked. Thanks to everyone for all their love, support and prayers over the past 10 months - he has given us such a wonderful answer!


Anonymous said...

Dearest Kids
I am so teary eyed I can hardly see the screen. I wish there was a picture of us with our darling granddaughter also. In time we will be there to hold her also. But we can see that she is so loved already even though we are not there to help. Our prayers are always with you. God has so greatly blessed you with a beautiful daughter.
Love you so much, Mom & John

Tianna said...

She Is soooooooooo beautiful!! Congrats to both of you!

Amanda said...

WOOHOO!! She is gorgeous! I can't wait to meet her and get a snuggle. Congratulations, you guys! And hooray for yet another girl! So fun. :)

Swabeys said...

Congrats!!!!! I am soo happy for you two. Welcome to grannyhood Jackies. I can't wait to hold all these beautiful girls.

Cindy said...

What a beautiful baby! I also can't wait to come for a visit and hold little Bethany. I'm so excited for you both. Ashley, I can't believe you're actually a 'mommy'!