Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Week 1 - And half asleep

It's hard to believe that my little girl is one week old today. When I was pregnant 1 week seemed to take foreeeeever to pass by, now however, the days and the nights seem to blend together. I'm sure a good part of this is attributed to the fact that sleep is something I am quickly losing. I know I complained before about having to be up every hour on the hour to pee, someone should have smacked me! This is much harder on a girl. I've always been the type to NEED my 8 hours of sleep and I'm discovering why. As tired as I am though, I wouldn't give up that time with my little girl for anything. I am all too aware of the fact that before we blink she'll be all grown up.

This past week has been quite the learning experience. We are bathing, feeding, cuddling, dressing and just plain adoring Bethany. She is a good baby for us and we love her bunches. Now don't get me wrong, she has her moments, and definately has a fussy time in the evenings but all in all we can't complain. And to ease the learning and adjusting to this is my Mom. Thank heavens for mothers!(We are still counting down the days until Gramma Kimmie can be here to hold her little grand-daughter. Love ya!) She's the extra set of arms that are allowing for some rest and a few moments alone for Corey and I. I'm not sure what we are going to do once she leaves. Sigh,...better not think about it, might make me cry.

Anyways, this little post and update for ya'll is going to have to come to a close. Bethany is sleeping and her mommy needs a few winks too. Below are a few more pictures for everyone to enjoy. Get used to them because this proud momma is going to have plenty to show!

This photo was taken on Saturday when the health nurse was here. She's back up to 7lbs 1oz.


Tianna said...

I've Seen her in person folks and she is even more precious in real life!

Amanda said...

I am so glad your mom is there to lend a hand (or 12). I would have crashed and burned if it weren't for my momma coming and staying with us the first two weeks after Avelyn was born. Bethany is a beauty! I can't wait to meet her. :)

Anonymous said...

What an amazing time! To see MY little girl be a Mommy to HER little girl. Ashley and Corey, I am proud of you both and your love for each other and your love for Bethany. God has truly blessed my life in the lives you have together. Leaving you all is going to be tough. But, as Mom and Grammy, I know that your lives need to be established now as your own family. Your routines, traditions and choices will form your lives as a unit. I can't express to you how thankful I am that you have let me be part of your lives through this couple of weeks. Enjoy each other, grow together and don't forget... Jesus is watching and loving you all the way.

Lovingly from me to you three

Mom aka Grammy

christy said...

Yay! She's gorgeous ashley! Did you know wwe nearly called Olivia Bethany? I still LOVE that name! I'm glad someone used it.

christy said...

Yay! She's gorgeous ashley! Did you know wwe nearly called Olivia Bethany? I still LOVE that name! I'm glad someone used it.