Friday, February 23, 2007

She's a 10!

At the breastfeeding clinic today the ladies confirmed what I already knew, my little girl is a healthy, happy 10lbs now. I can't believe how quickly she's growing. I keep trying to freeze the moments but it seems that the only Super Mom sense I have developed to date is my Super Sniffer. You know the ability to smell a dirty diaper 6 miles away, standing up wind. And when I can't smell it my Super Mom senses (something like Spidy Senses) are tingling. And no for those of you moms out there it's not the same as my milk letting down.
Speaking of milk let down that's exactly what mine has done. Many of you already know that the past 2 months have been full of trials and tribulations in the dairy section. To summarize, I just don't have enough. I never had enough and despite my best efforts I am still lacking. Now let me tell you, I have tried almost every trick in the fridge. I am taking the prescription and Fenugreek (I am in the process of tracking down some Blessed Thistle which apparently will help), I have attended the breastfeeding clinic on a regular basis, I do compression, I nurse often, I pump, we pray and I have even on occasion ( usually in a middle of the night stupor) begged my breasts to produce. Each of the above has helped in moderation but nothing substantial.
And ya know what? I'm ok with it. I have my sad moments but for the most part I am ok. There is this wonderful invention called an SNS that allows me to still breastfeed while feeding my little girl formula. As long as Bethany is growing and happy I don't care how I have to feed her. I have long since learned to block out the sound of those well meaning but highly annoying busi-bodies. We've got it covered. Today was more than proof of that.

So here's to Bethany, formula and breast efforts! Hip-Hip-Hooray!

PS. Bethany has officially fallen in love with her swing and so has mommy. Who knew all I had to do was complain about it. Haha


Grammy :) said...

My Dear Girl,
You have a way with words. Daddy and I were sitting here reading this first thing this morning. Well you turned us both into a pile of mush!!! No tears just a lot of sighs and smiles.
Congratulations on all the work you have put into breastfeeding. You are doing great. Bethany is a blessed little girl to have the Mommy and Daddy she has. Corey has been your cheering section in your efforts and as your Mom I love him even more for that.

Have a great day!!!! Love to you all... bigggggg hugs and kisses to Bethany from Grammy and Papa. :)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Ashley and Corey and the cutest one Bethany,
I am in tears, i so miss all of you and the pics. are so beautiful. She is growing up so fast and you can so see that the effort you put forth, is making such a strong child. I can't wait to get down and see you all soon... Many Blessings from God. We love you and miss you so much, Mom and John (Gramma and Grampa)

Amanda said...

You have such a great perspective, Ashley. Breastfeeding was a gong show for us too, so I feel your pain. Regardless of how your baby gets fed, she has what's MOST important: a mom and dad who love her more than the world. Keep up the good work!!

Mom G said...

I love those pictures Honeys. :)
I check this site over and over and re read and re read all the posts. I still think you should take up a writing carrer on the side of bein a Mom. :)
Love ya
Grammy and Papa