Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Sad Day

Today has been a little bit of a sad day in our household. A dear family member has passed away and we are sad. For the past 8 years Samson - the family Golden Retriever has been a big part of our family. He's my Mom's company in a house that at times seems all to empty, my Dad's faithful pal - following him around waiting for those greatly deserved pats on the head, my brother's best buddy - Dustin has a way with animals that can melt the hardest of hearts, and when I was home my walking buddy and now he was always our most excited greating commity.

For the past 6 months or so we've all know that Sam was sick. The vet concluded that he had cancer but at the time he was doing ok, so there wasn't really much they could do for him. As you well know vets charge a lot of moola for a little bit of service. It's really quite ridiculous on how much they make only to tell you that your pet is ill and they need more tests. I won't regail you all with the details of the past few weeks, as they are a little gross and rather upsetting, but I will say that he wasn't well and getting worse.

So today, my Mom and Dad made the hardest decision a pet owner can was time to have him put down. A very sad and hurting pair of parents phoned me today, to say that he was gone, to heaven and that it was painless. Praise the Lord for a peaceful way to go! We are sad about losing our Sam but mostly we are heartbroken for my Mom and Dad. But we know that for Sam he got to go from one heaven here on earth (let me tell you that's what life was like for him at my parents' house, he had more toys that I did, haha just kidding, and certainly more treats) to an even better one. Won't it be grand to walk through the pearly gates and be met with Samson and Barney (not the purple dinosaur, I sure hope he doesn't great me there, but rather our other family dog). I'm sure right now they are givin' those angels from the heavenly nursery a run for their money - those boys love to play fetch!
So here's to Samson and all our love, prayers and support to Mom and Dad. It will get easier - we love you!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley,

Sorry to hear about Samson. Boy it doesn't seem that long ago since he was tearing around your kitchen as a puppy giving us some midday entertainment at lunch. :-)

Take care and give my best to your mom and dad.


Jackie's Heart said...

Thanks for the tribute to Sam Honey. I miss him so much and know in time it will get easier. I sat down in the office today and went to reach down to pet him, he wasn't there. He was a good boy right to the end. He dragged me into the vets office yesterday because he loved her so much. So he went with Daddy and I there and a vet he loved... I hope he knew how much I loved him.

Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Our Condolences.....
You will meet again in Heaven....too sad, maybe he is playing with Bear right now....

Love Sue & Bert

Amanda said...

He sounds like a very important member of your family and he will be missed. Pets carve out such a special place in our hearts and I hope you guys can have peace knowing he's out of pain and lived a full life with lots of love.