Sunday, October 21, 2007

25 to life

No, I'm not going to prison and no this isn't an ode to the world greatest show "Prison Break". But rather it's a celebration of 25 years of marriage and 50 years of wonderful life. Yesterday my parents celebrated their 50th birthdays (Mom's is in October and Dad's November) and also 25 years married. What a bunch of milestones! They had a beautiful re dedication of their marriage ceremony and party. We planned, we worked, we stressed...then we laughed, we cried, we were merry and we attempted to eat cake.

I say attempted because the stupid cake fell apart! The thing was rather pricey, from a well know bakery in town and it was a disaster. When I picked it up the girl had grabbed it wrong and their was a ginormous crack right down the center. We managed to make that look ok. Then came time for the serving, each piece looked a little like someone had run their fingers through it, that or cut it into the perfect bite size for a Nome. It tasted delish but was a pain in the posterior. Oh well, what's a party with out a little drama?

The day was a wonderful reminder of God's greatness. Not only in the fact that Mom and Dad have survived 25 years married to each other, through some really bad and really great times. But also because they are 2 wonderful people. As time has progress their grey hairs have increased in number (although mom would prefer you to think she's "naturally" that colour), their wrinkles are a little deeper (with wrinkles comes wisdom right? that's why prunes are the smart choice to keep things "movin'"), and their bodies don't always put up with the physical strain that they used to. They have also learned the true meaning of letting Jesus lead your lives, they've had children and now grandchildren that are being shaped by the love that they give, they have spent enough money at Tim Horton's to deserve a share in the company, a Gold member card and a bronzed donut to replace the hood ornament on each of their vehicles, and have touched more lives than they'll know.

My Mom and Dad are such an amazing example of how letting Jesus be Lord of your life and head of your household can lead to such amazing things. They are an encouragement to so many, from the newlyweds like us just starting out, to the people married 66 years like my grandparents that love really does last. I want to know that in 25 years Corey and I will have weathered the storms and wound up in a place like they're in too.

So congratulations Mom and Dad and Happy Birthday! Here's to another 50 years and in this case hooray for life sentences!

The wedding party

What Bethany thinks of an hour long ceremony. She talked and chattered through the ENTIRE thing.

The exchanging of rings. Dad's wearing his wedding ring for the first time in 25 years and Mom got some pretty sweet new "bling".

Stupid cake!

They huffed and puffed....oh wait, wrong fairy tale.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all you did for Dad and I in preparation for this weekend. I couldn't have done it without you!!! My kids are my life line to joy, my husband is my life line to peace and Jesus is my life line to life itself bringing both joy and peace together as one. You made me cry again kid! haha. I love you so much Honey. and the picture you posted of Bethany is a picture of her trying to do my "silly face" haha I laughed when I saw that. It really looks like she is trying my silly face and I haven't even had to pull it on her yet. hahaha I love you my dears... You, Corey, and Bethany are amazing kids and loved so dearly. To have you guys and Dustin there really did make the day complete for Daddy and I.

Chelsea Stone said...

It surely was an amazing day!We were so glad to have been able to go. It made us realize that we need to make sure everything is 50/50 and to make sure each other are happy so we can last 25 years and longer....Your parents inspire us! It was so awesome to see you guys as well..Thansk for the hospitality! We love you!

Niki said...

How sweet! What great people and what a great celebration!

Give you parents a big hug and hello and congrats for me the next time you see them!

christy said...

What a great ode to a loving commited set of parents. What a cool way to bless them.
You are a very thoughtful person Ashley. Thank you so much for the card you sent us in the mail. It was very encouraging. I'd be honored to take your pictures someday.

Kellan said...

Great photos. I guess that would mean that I am old enough to be your mother - cuz my husband and I are just about to reach our 25th and I'm 46 - this post just made me feel old - just kidding. Congratulations to your mom and dad - really! See ya.