Saturday, November 3, 2007

Shut it off? NEVER!

So, the other day I got to thinking...."I'm really attached to the baby monitor. What am I going to do when she's too old for it? Or when there is another baby? Wait, too old? How old is too old?" That's when it hit me, one day I'd have to say goodbye to my faithful friend and either pack it away or move it to another baby's room. (Now wait, this isn't a post to suggest there is another baby, it's just hypothetical. VERY hypothetical.) Then I started wondering how old really is too old.

Hmmmm, well I would ask my Mom but back in the day they didn't have such wonderful tools or if they were around my parents didn't own one. They relyed on these great things we call ears and something called hearing. My hearing isn't so great and Corey's working towards "Eh?". Besides I'm a worry wart at heart and having the baby monitor, which is sensitive enough that I can hear my baby girl breathing is my nighttime pacifier. It's a Mommy's finger on the pulse of her daughter's sleepytime life. So I guess, since she couldn't help I'd have to think for myself.

I was thinking that 16 would be a good age. No? Well hold on now, let me explain my reasoning. I figure by then she'll have her driver's license and will be fairly independent. If the world can give her some freedom maybe I can too, just a little. Wouldn't that be a great year for her? I mean, 16 is monumental for everyone but can you imagine how excited she'd be at her party. "Hooray! I'm 16 now I can drive a car and finally shut off my baby monitor!!!!" Huh, maybe that is a little too long.

I'm sure you all are thinking, she's a little naive to think that Bethany wouldn't just shut it off sooner than that. You know, because kids are smart and want their privacy. Well our monitor makes a horrid noise when the base is shut off while the parent end is still on, so I'd know if it was tampered with. And for that matter maybe I'd just hide it, you know in some cute teddy bear or something? I'm sure she'd figure out a way around it. And as nosey as I can be (yes I'm admitting that, I've got a nosey streak. Nothing serious, just a little) I do remember being that age and I'd never do something so horrible as to completely remove her privacy. I could do what my Mom did to me when I started throwing around my famous 'tude and take her door off it's hinges ( My 'tude resulted in one too many door slamming moments) because with attitude come the removal of privileges and as kids privacy is a privilege. I'll probably just resort to sitting outside her door with my ear pressed against it, or have the local RCMP bug her phone. Maybe I'll commission a PI to follow her around.....again No? Party poopers!

In all seriousness and reality, I'm not sure when to disband it. What if she needs me? What if I don't hear her? I guess it all stems from my fear of not being when or where she needs me to be. I'll probably move the monitor on when she's around 3 or so. Maybe a little younger, once she's in a big girl bed and able to get out on her own to come get me. I want to be there, always for her.

Any suggestions from those veterans out there who've had monitor separation anxiety? When did you let it go?


Kami said...

We still use ours for when we are downstairs watching TV. Otherwise we are literally 10 steps away from them while we sleep, no monitor needed :-)

Janice Vandyk said...

i never used one, our house is small enough... and plus when they really want to get your attention they seem to have no problem yelling at the top of their lungs;)

Anonymous said...

Ma here. :) Nope we didn't have one. Here is my suggestion. Your heart will tell you when you can let it go. I believe it will be much before 16. :) You will know in your heart when Bethany can either come and get you (that is a fun time cuz they are so cuddly) or when she can just say MOM, I need you, or MOM, I need a glass of water, or the one I used to long for MOM, I just need one more hug. :) I love you Honey girl and your heart and God given instinct will be your guide.


Amanda Brown said...

I use ours every night. And every night Steve rolls his eyes when I turn it on. He thinks it's time to let it go but I just can't!! :)