Saturday, December 1, 2007

First Family Christmas Tree

Falalalala, lala, la, la.....It's Christmas season once again and it's fabulous. We have snow coming down today and Corey and I purchased our first christmas tree. It is December 1st and it's actually up! Hooray for us! Last year it didn't go up until the 18th and it was kinda small. Now when I say small I mean small, not Charlie Brown small but rather 3' high small. It was my apartment size tree from 3 years ago. It did the trick but this year we wanted something a little more sturdy.

It's still a little on the short side, the box said 6' but only if you pull the top branch as high as it can go which leaves it a little to wimpy to hold our tiny little angel (I still haven't found one suited for a regular tree, she's my angel from 3 years ago too.), but hey that's what you get for $40 bucks at Crappy Tire.

Photos of Bethany with the tree to follow, but here are a couple from her first time with snow and also of our tree. Happy Holidays!!!!

We got these boots at Super Store and they are ultra cute! She looks so funny clunkin' around in them.


Jen said...

Your tree looks lovely. Really classy! :)

And Bethany is just adorable. Hope she enjoyed her first snow fall.

Chelsea Stone said...

Nice Tree! Ours is going up next weekend hopefully! I can't wait for christmas! Wish we could be together, but it will have to be next year I think! By the way Bethany's Boots are sooo adorable!