Monday, December 3, 2007

My Favorite things

It's December and Christmas is almost upon us. You can't go into a store without hearing the sounds of carols, or seeing the line ups of people or bumping into a "cheerful" store clerk in elf ears. It's a time of year that I so enjoy and this year is proving to be no different. I started thinking in list format because that's the way my brain is programed about all the things I love about this time of year....

10. Snow. I don't like shovelling it, or driving in it but there is nothing more beautiful than sitting in a warm house with your family around you watching the big flakes fall. Or going for a walk after the sun has peaked out and watching the sparkles dance across the crisp snow.

9. Baking. I love Christmas baking. In fact I finished a double batch of short bread and ginger snaps today. The house smells yummy and I so enjoy watching people enjoy the finished product.

8. The Giving. It's not just the giving of gifts to family and friends that I enjoy, although that does bring me great joy. But rather the generosity that we see come out of people this time of year like no other. It's so wonderful to see people pulling change from their pockets to fill the Salvation Army containers or seeing food hampers be given to families in need. Knowing you've helped take care of someone else is such a blessing and a gift in it's self. If only we could be inspired to carry it on throughout the year.

7. The lights. It's so much fun to bundle into the car and drive around looking at the beautiful (and sometimes over exuberant) lights on people's homes. We used to go to the Lights of Hope festival when I was a kid. With a hot chocolate and bundled up warm we'd stand in the park and watch as the town lights came alive. Then Mom and Dad would put us kids into the car and we'd drive around and oogle all the lights.

6. Candy Canes. Not that I like the taste, I only really like a little one. But I love how they smell and how festive they are.

5. Christmas Jammies. Every year on Christmas Eve my brother and I (and now Corey and Bethy) get a special gift from my parents. Christmas Jammies, they are always new and cute, well most times cute and so comfy. It's such a treat to wake up Christmas morning with new pjs.

4. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Not the actual reindeer, but the old TV movie. My brother and I watched that faithfully every christmas together and then would camp out christmas eve in either his room or mine, so that we'd wake up at the same time Christmas morning. We've out grown that tradition but I still watch the movie each year and when I do, the abominable snowman gives me a special warm fuzzy and good memories.

3. Christmas Carols. I love Christmas music, I love it so much that I usually have it blasting quielty from my stereo on November 1st. I'm quick to shut it off before Corey comes home...wouldn't want to get caught. lol. They are just joyful songs, full of praise and good feelings. Who can resisit "Christmas, Christmas time is here. Time for Joy and time for cheer. We've been good , but we can't last hurry Christmas hurry fast. Want a plane that loops the loops. Me I want a HOOLA HOOP..." can you guess the artists?

2. The true Christmas story. It's Jesus' birthday! and who can resisit a birthday celebration. It marks a day that is responsible for so many great things. Not only his birth but the death and ressurection to come. I hope we can teach Bethy to know that Santa's a story, St. Nick a great man and "Jesus is the reason for the season"

1. This is my new number one favorite thing about the Christmas season, enough said.

My 2 snow bunnies

Checking out her boots.

Walk, walk walk....

What's your favorite thing?


Niki said...

Great post, Ashley. I really enjoy your thoughts and your writing. I faithfully read but don't often comment because I feel like I need to be equally as eloquent as you when I comment.

By the way, Kenna has the same winter boots as Bethany! Just way bigger! :)

Chelsea Stone said...

Hey Ash, I wanted to say I LOVE the old Rudolph movie so much that we bought it and watched it on saturday night after the christmas tree light up downtown. You hit all my faoritethings dead on....I can't wait till Christmas.
Love ya

Angella said...

Great post and SWEET photos!

Janice Vandyk said...

My favorite things about Christmas is for sure the Christmas songs and seeing how excited my kids are getting for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I must agree on all 10 of your ideas. I just love all of it and especially the birthday, Jesus's birth, I have come to realise that Jesus is the reason for the season and we are all so Blessed. Can't wait to see you all soon, Love John and Mom