Saturday, December 8, 2007

Where are you?

"Bethany, where are you?" .....

Bethany is now 11 months old, almost a year and my how time has flown. She's developed skill upon skill and it seems with each new day comes a new skill or 'Tude. One of her greatest skills is she's gone from comando crawling to full blown knees crawling. With crawling comes exploring and at times hiding.

I appreciate and resent this skill all in one breath. On one hand it's lovely to be able to say "Come On Bethy! Let's go, come with Mom!" and she's right on my heels. The other hand meanwhile is constantly trying to catch her, follow her and prevent her from climbing up and on anything and everything - regardless of stability. She loves to climb and looks so cute doing it, unfortunately she also winds up falling and subsequently wailing every now and again.

She's definately growing herself into quite the little monkey, today crawling, tomorrow walking and someday THE MOOOOOOOON. ( I dunno, sounded cool in my head.) Happy Saturday everyone.

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