Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Great baby making factory

As I have shared with you on other occasions, I am a little lacking in the patience department. You see, in my mind I have this picture of how God and the Angels put babies "together" in heaven.

After He's created the beautiful little one in the baby makin' department (not to be confussed with getting "down to baby making business", I don't have to tell you which is more fun for us humans.) He heads down to the emotions and personality sector. There you'll find big bubble baths of laughter, showers of tears - both the happy and sad variety, warm and cozy bottles of compassion, many, many tubes of tenderness lotion, a few small jars of temper spice and cold jugs of patience - with the consistency of molassas. God gently places the His precious child into the arms of the their guardian angel, hands her a recipe card with the exact measurements of each trait and sends them on their way. The angel then takes the small one, places him or her into a beautiful, pearly coloured pram and begins the process.

During my process however I imagine this is what happened. My angel followed the recipe to the letter, letting me soak up lots of laughter, giving me a rather long shower of tears (they flow freely, very freely), let me sip 2 or 3 bottles of compassion, slathered me with tenderness, and sprinkled a few shakes of temper spice onto my head (that's where the red streaks come from). Then she saw it, a big drop of tears had fallen where the patience measurement was and it was blurred, what to do?! Well, she thought for a second and then had the answer "Less is more, right?". I'll just put a little in because a dab'll do ya, I wouldn't want to go over bored and have her sticky. So that's what she did. She gave me half the patience that was originally layed out and I was finished. After being rocked through the Gift (personal gifts, not the wrapping paper kind) district and a visit the the angel nursery (which is where the angels, who teach babies to laugh are found. Ask my Mom about this, she's promised to write the book one day) I was back in His arms. He knew right away that something had changed and rather than be angry at my angel, He smiled. "Yes, she's a little short of patience." He thought, "But that's ok. You see, for every moment she's lacking a little of that patience, she'll have to lean on me. I can't think of a better recipe for her life. I know the child she will be and the woman she's going to become. It'll drive her crazy sometimes, and at others it will drive those around her nuts. But in the end, her lack of patience will give her more character, will teach others lessons, will make her compatable with The One I've created for her and most importantly will only draw her closer to me." He kissed my forehead, placed me back in my angels arms and said, "Well done and it's time. Place Ashley in her daddy's arms, she's perfect."

That's how I imagine it went. So as I sit here impatiently waiting for my new Partylite candles to arrive and wondering if it could possibly take any longer for the snow to melt, I am reminded that it's how it was meant to be. I won't pray for patience, it doesn't do any good, but I will pray for guidance, I figure that was His plan. And maybe just maybe He'll speed things up just a little while we talk.


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Just wanted to let you know, that you are such a very special daughter-in-law, I love you very much and feel so blessed to have you a part of my family..Keep on writing, it warms my heart so to read your stories...God bless
Love Mom Kimmie.