Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mini Magoo

As a little kid my parents gave me a few special nicknames, one of which has stuck to this day (when I am an adult may I remind you) it's Magoo. As in, Mr.Magoo the fictional cartoon character, who's short, chubby and can't see a stinkin' thing, but he's too stubborn to admit it. While most people get cutesy nicknames like sweetheart or lovey, I was getting things like Punkin' Eater and Magoo. Don't get me wrong, those names are terms of endearment from my parents and I love them very much. Each time I hear Punkin' Eater my heart melts a little. When I hear magoo however, I cringe.

You see, I earned that nickname. No I wasn't short, I definitely have chubby moments, and I wear glasses but the particular reason my Mother gave me that nickname was because as a kid I was constantly walking into EVERYTHING. If you were to put me in a football stadium with a golf tee sticking up in the middle of it, you can almost bet your next pay cheque on the fact that I'll trip on it. Heck, you should try it, you might get rich. Yes, that was present tense, although I've out grown the worst of the klutzes, once a klutz always a klutz. My shins are always covered in green and blue bruises (Right on pale skin! ) and I can't blame anyone but myself. As a kid I remember being told it was because my feet grew faster than the rest of me but I don't remember wearing clown shoes to school, people were always telling me to watch where I was going and to be careful. The truth of it is, I'm a little high strung at times and have 300 things happening in my brain at once. I'm usually motor mouthing about something, while trying to remember my grocery list, while moving a box or two. All those things, combined with the fact that I'm pretty sure God gave me two left feet with independent minds of their own and you've got a disaster ready to happen. Like my chatter (my mom always says it's verbal diarrhea) I am in high speed, all-of-the-time.

The reason for the title of this post is because I can see the same things happening in Bethany. Although I don't think her feet are too big for the rest of her, she's almost a full time walker now and is in a hurry. She wants to go anywhere - fast! This is cute when you can hear the thud thud thud of little feet across the kitchen floor, but not so cute when you hear the wails that follow as she's bailed again. Day before yesterday, she fell, Hard and smacked her little face on the floor, I couldn't catch her in time so there I was trying desperately to console a screaming little girl with blood pouring from her nose and mouth and a fat lip starting to swell. We weathered that storm and her little lip just started to heal. Then today, at my Mom's she walked into the spare room and tripped, on nothing in particular and slammed into the base of the bed. She cried but settled pretty quick and I thought we'd avoided the major damage. That was until she got up from her nap this afternoon and I noticed a huge, bruise forming on her beautiful little cheek. It's 4" long and already purple. Poor little girl!

Makes a Mommy feel like crawling into a hole and quitting. That or else wrapping her daughter in bubble wrap and placing her in a padded room for the rest of her life. I can't believe I don't catch her every time. I know it's not possible and accidents happen but none the less it's still devastating. Not only can't I catch her I shared my Magooisms with her. Ohh if only she'd have taken after her daddy in that department. His injury list next to mine looks like a business card sitting next to the phonebook. As soon as is possible I'm going to enroll this little Sweet pea (see sweet nickname... ) into some ballet or something, I know there's a graceful bone in there somewhere. We just have to find it before she breaks it.


Anonymous said...

You are for sure right in the fact that the name Magoo was given to you in love. You were so in love with life that you were in a hurry. Yes we used to tell you your feet grew faster than the rest of you at some time in your life, but most importantly you were in a hurry to enjoy life. Your brother was in a hurry to climb thorugh life. Yup the bumps and bruises are so hard (hard on a grammy now too!) But for you as a Mom, take Bethany's enjoyment for life and go for the ride. You are a terrific set of parents and are protecting her from all you can. Life is full of "bumps" just remember right now you get to hold her, wipe her tears and cuddle her. One day when she is grown up there will be bumps and bruises and you will have to whisper through the phone. "Wish I could hold you and make it better, I can't.. I will pray for you and let Jesus hold you instead". Love you dear girl. Magoo, my dear little sweet footed amazing Mom ... magoo.

Love y'r Mom

mariah said...

Boy, did you hit that right on the nail, both on nicknames and on the klutz thing. I was Aggie do little and Agnes Shag Nasty - not much to work with in those names, ya know.
When my girls were growing they were Angel Bunny or Sweet Pea or Hunny Bunny. Words have power and when the power is the power to hurt, it smarts.

I have had so many oowies in this life and I'm glad my girls were more like their Dad - except for the 20 year old who got on the back of a motorcycle at 2am one Saturday....sigh. She survived and I'm grateful. She even learned some things from the experience, but it aged me and her Dad a bunch.

Enjoy your busy Bethany and try to not be too hard on yourself. It really is hard to stay in synch with the physical world when your mind has 50 jillion interesting thoughts competing for attention!