Monday, April 7, 2008

Burning the candle at both ends

Miss me yet? Life in this here household has been hectic to say the least. We've been sick, we've done candle parties, we've worked, we've played and we've teethed. Oh it's been a ride.
Originally I'd planned to make this a catch up post and regail you (or be your blogger version of Tylenol NiteTime and put you to sleep) with the great tales of the week past. I have since scrapped that idea and decided to go in a different direction, two of 'em in fact.

Firstly, I've got to share because I'm excited! This candle stuff (I'd tell you the candle company name, but since I signed the agreement I'm not supposed to make any reference to it on-line without prior consent from the uppity ups. But you can find it here ), doing parties, selling product, burning product, is amazing. I can't believe how much I am enjoying myself. Since last Saturday I've been to 1 Summer Product Launch, and had 3 shows, as well as 1 book party from a friend here. It's been a little on the busy side for a full time Mom who also works outside of the home 3 days a week (Bethany tags along and is our junior office assistant). Which brings me to the fork in the road that leads me in my second direction.

I have the world's GREATEST support system here at home. It so strong it puts the Victoria's Secret push up bra to shaaaame! (I say that because Victoria couldn't possibly have enough push up for this tiny girl.) Anyways, I digress... I have told you all on many occassions how much I love this man, how fabulous I think he is and how blessed I am to have him. Also, you have seen, from many a photo that he's hot, in that can't look away, just might be drooling kinda way. MMMM, and he's mine! After this past week and a bit, all of those things have only been set more concrete in my mind.

While I was sick, Corey would come home after a hard day at work and effortlessly take over with Bethany. He'd play with her, and often do the dishes so that I could go soak my sore and achy body in a tub of suds. He'd then bath her like he's done since she was 3 months old, get her into her jammies and sit with me while I rocked her, who too was sick, so sleep. Then he'd make my tea, snuggle me on the couch and tuck me into bed when I was ready. One night he even headed out at 9pm (yes I know that seems early to all you single or childless folks, but for us parents that's home time, it's late!) to get me ice cream sandwiches, the sure fire fix for a sore throat.

Then to make it even better, this weekend he really stepped up. I had to go out Friday night to get some things and to meet up with the friend that had done a book party for me (for all of you who are interested in candles, and FREE, yes I said FREE products, contact me I'll tell you all about it. You don't even have to live close to me to have one of these shows.) so Corey being Corey, played with Bethany after supper, cleaned up the mound of dishes I had created while making said supper and had her in the tub when I got home. Then Saturday we got up, let Daddy lay in bed a few extra minutes and then he took over again. I spent the morning getting ready to leave for my show (which was a hit, Thanks Katie!) and then left at noon. After a long afternoon I arrived home just shy of 7pm to find leftover stew from the night before, warm on the stove for me, Bethany and Daddy eating their dinner and the house in one piece. Actually, it was better than that, he had almost all the laundry done. I swear for a second I was pretty sure I saw a halo glowing over his head, picture it, baskets and baskets of laundry - clean! fresh! and folded!!!

Sunday we headed to Burnaby as a family for another show (Thanks Rocheil!). Corey played with our girl while I did my thing, helped me load and unload boxes of stuff and was my chauffer! See what I mean when I say he's a dream! He even let me sleep in Sunday morning, all this Mommy/working/Candle business stuff can tire a girl out.

Now you'd think this would be enough support for 3 women but No, I have more. I have this wonderful set of parents here, who support our every decision, purchase copious amounts of candles in a show of loyal support (Thanks Mom!) and are there when your bath tub really doesn't want to drain (thanks Dad!). Then, we have Corey's Mom and John, who worked very hard to collect some candle orders in Quesnel (Thanks Jackie!), are our prayer warriors and our friends. On top of that we have Corey's Dad and Sue, who have encouraging words and who seem so far away sometimes - we know Vernon's only a few hours away but, it's still so far. I could go on and spread that support to the siblings but you get the drift - I'm well supported, we are well supported. It's gone way past push up and right into those jeans that make your butt look fabulous. You know it's like tummy tuck, butt lift, thigh liposuction in denim. No I don't own a pair but I want to....

So that's where I've been. In a nut shell, leaving out some details I'm sure but to be completely honest, my brain is rather fried. So hopefully I'll be back more, I'll have photos soon and keep stopping by. I'm here, I'm just kinda, well, burning on a short wick. Get it wick, candles.... :)


Kami said...

You have been busy! That Corey, he's a keeper.

But you knew that:-)

Anonymous said...

We so enjoy your Blog...its a beautiful way of staying close...I read it and and then I print it for Dad (still computer shy - although he inputs and prints a mean invoice these days) I (and as ussual I speak for we) are always blown away by your writing have a very special talent...keeps us feeling close even if we live miles away in Vernon..anyway....of course he is a 'find and a half...but my deal so are you....corny comment comming (Jerry McGuire) modified...You complete each other...that is sooo obvious..and Bethany completes the set (although we are praying for more...but we'll let you decide that..we will just keep nudging) he he.

Love you both(I mean all) see you soon.
Dad and Sue

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis, Take a breath and relax. This is how you get sick is over doing it. I know you cannot help it and life just comes at you like that, but its what you would tell me. I am glad you are having fun with the candles, but I hope that you will have time to travel to good ol kelowna and see us soon. We will see you breifly this wekend but as usual its never enough.
Take care of yourself and remember we love you.