Wednesday, April 2, 2008

When Daddy's In charge

Monday night was my very first solo Candle Party! This meant that Corey and Bethany had a "Daddy Night", and after a wonderful show, that went surprisingly well (I will tell you the story another time), I came home to find a very happy Corey, a sleeping Bethany and these cute photos.

"Seriously what is it with you people and taking pictures while I'm eating?"

"Cheeeeese, extra cheese that is"

"See Mom....Dad feeds me the good stuff. Wanna bite?"

Ok, and maybe a few more. This is from the other "spring" (they lie) day, out on our deck.
Bethany loves to be outside but as you can tell, don't touch her ball.

This is from Easter supper, when Grandpa was here. I love this picture, such genuine smiles on all of them!

Hope this will tide ya'll over for a day or two until I'm back to being healthy.


Kami said...

Darling pictures!

Yay for your first party:-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Corey great job on the pictures! Bethany, you smile and the world is a better place. \
Love you Sweet Pea
Love Grammy

Anonymous said...

Cuuuuute too Corey and Grandpa..


Lisa said...

Hope you're feeling better!! Adorable pics. :)

Anonymous said...

As usual I have the cutest neice EVER! Thats right i do. Hope you are feeling better and I will have to make it down for a candle party!
Love you all