Friday, July 11, 2008

The great, the grumbles and a dilemma

You know, in this life, I've really been given a lot. I have a husband that with each day shows me more love than one soul (especially one this imperfect) deserves, a little girl who I never knew would leave me breathless with love and emotion and a little one on the way, that will make us a fantastic foursome and I can't wait to meet him (although I kinda think it's a "her" but we'll see soon). The family that God has blessed me with has been and I know will be the support that I need on those days that standing upright seems impossible (thanks Mom!), the strength that has held us all together on more than one occasion (love you Dad) and the unsolicited and of course undeserved (ahem, lying through me teeth) teasing, that results in boundless amounts of laughter ( Thanks "Squirt" :P ). On top of that, for reasons unknown to me, He decided that I'd have more - the extended family I've married into has come with another new batch of love, laughter, prayers, a sister I always wanted and more brothers to tease, laugh with and watch with pride as they become parents themselves.

Add to that the fact that we live in a city that even though it's not Kelowna, and it is kinda missing that fabulous Okanagan Lake - is beautiful in it's own right. (As long as you remember that it only stinks when it's not raining - if you've got an umbrella and a nose plug you'll be fine.) We are safe and warm/cool, the car - she runs preeety good, Corey's truck just got quieter hooray for not waking up to a big BANG every morning, and the sun has been shining. I really should have nothing to complain about - but I do.

I totally don't have what it takes to be pregnant gracefully. I hardly have what it takes to be pregnant. You see, I don't make a good pregnant gal - that was actually confirmed for me when I phoned back up to my baby doc's in Kelowna for some information. The receptionist is super sweet and we were talking about how I was pregnant again and remembering last time she asked how I was doing. I told her honestly, I feel like I'm gonna hurl, I'm hurting again and I just don't really like the feeling of being a prego - her response, "Yeah, I rememeber, you really aren't very good at being pregnant", most days I'd would've cried, but it made me laugh. She's right, I'm not good a it at all.

Now, it's not that I don't want this baby, not at all. I can't wait to hold another new, sweet, usually fresh smelling bundle of spit up, but the journey there is one that I really dislike. After my last experience, I always say I'd do labor anytime rather than be pregnant. It still results in a baby, does not last 9 months and was for me then accompanied by the ever amazing epidural. I am so fortunate that this time although I'm still hurting I'm managing without the hospitals, pain medication and anti-barf medicine. It's amazing the strength and motivation you find in yourself when you've got a little girl begging for your attention. Bethany's kept me laughing, sometimes groaning when she's running EVERYWHERE, but in general she's kept me from crawling into bed, declaring our bedroom a bomb shelter and refusing to come out until the end of January when this baby'll finally arrive. I mean really, do you know how far away January is?

Think I'm done? Nope, now moving to Chilliwack has had a few glitches. Nothing major really, and nothing that really needs to be noted, of the big problems was finding a family doc. You see all the doctors are full, none are accepting patients, and we are seriously lacking in the family physician department. We were fortunate enough to get in with my Mom's new family doc, whom she'd gotten in to see because of a friend referral - it's all about who you know. For the most part he's been pretty good. Corey likes him, he's been good with Bethany, efficient, and was happy for us that we were pregnant. I figured we were set, until it came time for the "female" part of the first prenatal exam. Yes, I'm sure for many of you this is one of those TMI moments, if that's you, I suggest you head towards a blog with furry pink bunnies and soft fluffy clouds, cuz this ain't pretty.

I will spare you the actual details as they are more embarrassing than even the internet can hide, and really, every female out there knows what I'm talking about. But it seems that someone forgot to tell this fellow that those organ actually contain nerves, which means that I CAN FEEL THAT! And unfortunately for him, all the digging done on his expedition did not lead to China. I did speak up and complain, he apologized but said, that it had to be done. Ummmm dude? I've had a baby, I've been through this, these aren't new parts to me, it doesn't have to be like that. So here's the dilemma - I spoke to a prenatal nurse today (they call as part of the program here in the Fraser Valley) and she mentioned that there is an OB clinic here in Chilliwack - baby docs! Yay! And I'd like to go over there, my family doc from a kid is there. But I don't want to offend this doctor, he's a nice guy, I'll still need him for a family doc for Corey, Bethany, and the new baby and I when this is finished. I don't know what to do...I'm stuck.

What would you do?


Kristina said...

Hey Ashley :)
Isn't Chilliwack great for it's doctor's? I have struggled through this myself.
Finding a good doctor can be hard no doubt.
I don't see anything wrong with you seeing an OB. A good doctor will understand your need to get good care for you and your baby. If anything, just say you want special treatment because you are concerned about how hard your pregnancies have been.
You do deserve a doctor you feel comfortable with during your pregnancy.
Good luck!!!

Jen said...

I saw go to the new doctor! I understand how it might be uncomfortable with the old doctor because I've been there too. But like Kristina said, you deserve the best care from someone you feel comfortable with. Go for it.

Chelsea Stone said...

Hey Ash, I had some small issues with my OB at first but i love having that docter that is just for me and my baby. My family docter is still there and would never be affended so i guess what im saying is keep the old one for the family and go see that OB for YOU!

Swistle said...

I would switch, and then be extra careful to be friendly and warm when I was there for a regular non-OB/GYN visit so he'd know it wasn't personal (even though it kind of is). My guess is that a lot of doctors are pretty distracted and don't necessarily notice the details of who sees them for what. Or, at least, I always feel like I have to go over my whole history every time I see them.