Saturday, July 5, 2008

Computer Crash

Is it fair to say, as I'm writing my blog, that I hate computers? I don't completely hate them it's just when they don't do exactly what I want, when I want them too, regardless of the fact that they may not have the capability to do said function, that I get frustrated and want to fire it out the window. Last Friday was no exception, except for the fact that our computer completely malfunctioned - and technically it was my fault.

You see, we got our computer two years ago from Telus for signing a 3 year high speed internet contract with them. In return they gave us this less than impressive but none the less new Dell computer. From the day we plugged that sucker in, it didn't quite work right. It served it's purpose, we managed to access the internet, play games, download itunes and of course edit photos for hours on end. But it way always a little difficult, only moderately faster than my computer that was 4 years older and would often freeze or do something just as irritating. But we were grateful to have a computer that we didn't have to pay for, that had a few new cool programs. One of those programs was a free 6 month trial of Norton AntiVirus. When Norton expired I kept saying I'd renew, but being the procrastinator that I am, it never happened. Well a year and a half later wouldn't you know we got hit with a virus. One so nasty if it were the human version there would be explosions that put Mount Vesuvius to shame, coming from both ends of our bodies. I couldn't access the internet, I couldn't shut 'er down properly, I couldn't even get our music to play a whole song with out blipping and complaining. We had pop ups galore and I was ready to scream. Who invented these stupid viruses? And why oh why couldn't I make it disappear?

Add to all of that the fact that for about 3 months the fan on our computer would randomly make this helicopter whirring noise and even after being cleaned it wasn't improving and our CD drive wouldn't read DVD-R's and I was mad. After making some desperate phone calls to my Mom and to Future shop it was clear what we needed to do. We needed to buy a new computer.

Great, exactly what I wanted to do right before we left on holidays but I had a Candle Party Saturday night and I needed to be able to electronically order and complete the show before I left for my hostess to receive her $150 worth of FREE STUFF!

So there I sat, on our couch reading through the flyers searching for the very best computer deal. After some great advice from my Mom and chatting with a dude at Future Shop we bit the bullet and bought a new HP computer, complete with a 19" flat screen to replace my huge, old bulky one. Our savings took a bit of hit but extended warranty included and back ups complete (the other thing I didn't have for the Dell) and the totally came it a few hundred dollars less than I'd expected. HOORAY FOR SALES!

So, here I sit, trying to figure this new machine with Vista out. Thrilled that my screen fits so much better on my desk and I'm not forced to sit 10" away from my screen and happy to see the ol' Dell go. It was great for a while, we appreciate what was free but all in all - good riddance!

Now, if only I can figure out which program to use on this computer to watermark my photos....

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley,
I can so relate with you about the computer stuff. John is always fixing stuff for me and then I don't know what he changed, but it works, so I can't really complain. God bless, Love Mom Kimmie.