Friday, August 22, 2008

Wanna earn yourself a kick in the head?

Remember how last time I said there was no pleasing a pregnant woman? Well, there's something else you should probably know about many of us, or, maybe it's just me. Don't screw with me either. Now before I start, the contents of this blog may or may not burn your eyes, you may or may not agree with what I have to say but I'm still in a bad mood so for now, if you disagree, when I would normally say all opinions welcome, you're probably better off to keep your arguments to your self, it's safer. For you and for me.

So, Telus sucks. Not just like, "Oh man, my internet's not working that sucks" but more like, "You stinkin' bunch of lying, stealing, twerps, you SUCK!" Wanna know why?

We are moving on September 1st to a new place. Not that I like moving or anything but we are lacking in space in the home we are in and when the new baby comes it was either move or put her under the bed. (Under the bed is where I tried desperately to convince Corey I could hide a puppy before we had kids. I wanted a puppy and we couldn't have one...he didn't buy it.) So move we must. We found a cute little farm house that's much bigger than what we have and has a ginormous yard with a whole bunch of fruit trees, veggie garden and a place for Corey to wrench on his truck.

But wait, I digress, with a move imminent I do what I've done far to many times and call all the utility companies to have our move put in the system. Everyone I called was helpful and things were looking up (aside from the fact that Terasen informed me that their gas bill per month was $276, what?! It turned out there was a major gas leak, that's since been fixed but that's a post for another day). Then I called Telus, I was on the phone for the better part of the century, which translates to 15 minutes but hey, it would have been a great 15 minutes without that boring music blaring in my ear. I get a dude on the phone we go through the whole ordeal of my information, new location, blah, blah, blah, we heavily discuss that it is not YARROW I live in but the boarder of Chilliwack and Rosedale on the East side not the West, but I lose that discussion. I get my new number and hang up, things are going well right? Um wrong....

As I'm on the phone with Shaw my cellphone rings, it's the dude. They can't provide me with internet service at the new place, it's too far from their main brain. Um pal? Can I call you pal? My parents live in that direction 5km FARTHER AWAY and they have internet with you. Sorry, that's impossible. We argue, I get upset, he still says his computer doesn't lie. Wanna bet pal, it says that I'm gonna live in YARROW, IT LIES.

You're probably all wondering why I was getting upset. Let me tell you, as much as Telus sucks, I am a sucker. 2 years ago when Corey and I moved Telus was offering a deal with their new High Speed Internet, agree to a 3 year contract and get a new computer - sweet right? I drilled the lady over the phone when I agreed, and specifically asked should Telus not be able to offer me this service would I be responsible to pay for the computer. She said absolutely not, after the 1st year that was taken care SHE LIED. They waved the $120 cancellation fee but I am responsible to pay them for a 2 year old computer, that is broken and never really worked, because they can't offer me a service. AGHHHHHHH

So, I called back and talked to someone else, I asked them to send out a person just in case it would work and their computers were wrong. This weenie informed me that it would cost them waaaay to much money to send someone out to test it.
I was mad
She told me that I had to pay the money
I told her that it should not be me who is penalized for their incompetence
She said, that`s what I signed in my agreement
I told her that wasn't what I was told and I even have the name, date and time of the phone call (I started doing that in retail, I learned some companies are sneaky but if you can give those details and they recall their recorded conversation things can be cleared up )
She said tough luck, that wouldn't help me
I got more angry and said things that I should have said, my `Tude took over and EXPLODED!!!!! It was messy.
She asked me not to use that kind of language (yeah, it was bad)
I apologized but said, "You'd be upset too if it were you"
Her reply, "I would have been smart enough to read the agreement"
WHAT?! I was fumin', so mad I was gonna cry, I asked for a supervisor
She laughed! She said that if everyone who was unhappy with Telus talked to a Supervisor they'd be swamped.
My retort = "No you'd be out of business"
I ended the conversation informing her that she could
cancel all of my services with Telus and that I wasn't paying that stupid $360.
She told me that's fine but she could send it directly to collections if she wanted to.
Oh you are askin' for it!
So, I hung up, I cried, I ranted, I was at my parents house and they fumed for me. We made some phone calls to the landlord, their son who lives 3 houses down has Telus high speed, they could have it if they want, they are across the street. So why couldn't I? My Mom phoned Telus, I was crying too hard to be understood, that's what happens when I'm furious.
She came to the same result with a nicer person, nothing they can do, only one side of the street can have the service the other side, can't even though the wires run though my new front yard! By then, I'd cooled off, and called back. I needed to apologies to the dimwit I had talked to. She was still aweful to deal with but my 'Tude and my anger were uncalled for. I call, I wait and I get a different gal. She says she can't patch me through but "I'm totally awesome maybe I can help", were her words. There actually are options to go around paying that money, unfortunately for me I couldn't get them to work but she did say that if in 90 they have boosted the service to that area, which could happen, I could call back and get my money back. Not what I wanted to hear but better than feeling like it was gone forever. Her 'Tude, was awesome and I felt better by the time I hung up.
So, I called Shaw. I love them, we've set up everything, they have no contracts or major terms. No Free Computers to suck your life away. They are cheaper a month and waaaaaaaaay nicer. It helped.
What's the moral of this story?
Telus is stupid and I hope they go out of business (not a good 'Tude but really, better than yesterday), I am a sucker for "good deals", Nothing is ever "Free", Shaw is awesome, pick them and don't mess with a 'Tude sportin', pregnant girl, it'll only get you profanities, a lame apology and the potential of a kick in the head.


Anonymous said...

I HATE TELUS TOO! remember when i told you the story of phoning them for our service and because it was in scott's name and I was "just his fiance" they would not speak to me and were VERY not near as bad but i still have sympathy for you!

Kristina said...

I live in "farm land" in east Chilliwack as you probably already know. We have suffered pretty much the same thing as you when it comes to Telus. Took us 4 years to get wireless, so unless you know the right people, you seriously won't get that wireless internet. So if you had to go elsewhere, then so be it :)
I seriously don't blame you after that conversation though!

Matthew The Astrologer said...

I used to work for Telus (forgive me) until the jobs started getting shipped overseas. I can only recommend two things:

1) Keep calling and bitching: not once a day, but TWICE. Twice on the same day and the second rep you get is more likely to notice that you've called in repeatedly -- that's how the software works on their end.

2) After two or three days of that, phone in and threaten them with THESE guys:

Complaints to the CCTS are pricey for Telus to resolve -- pricier than the pig in a poke you were sold. So you should (fingers crossed) win this one.

And, oh yes: Telus sucks.

Anonymous said...

Hugs my little girl. Pregnant or not Ashley the way you were treated was terrible. Telus has no idea as a company how they have changed peoples lives. Make a nice day into a horrible day in one phone call. Sad thing is the folks on the other end of the phone aren't responsible and get the guff. They hire people that give guff too... not all of them but the lady you spoke to was horrible...not necessary. Sighhhhhh ...hummm wonder if they know I have a black belt?

Love you dear girl...

Jen said...

We had a similar situation involving Telus and a "free" iPod. I feel for ya.

Anonymous said...

Hi this is from your Dad surprise surprise!
This is the deal, first of all I LOVE your blog. Good or bad it always makes me smile you have such a way with words. Even though I don't have time to sit down and read it I always have time to sit down and listen to Mom read it to
I think that the advice that the previous gentleman gave you with the web address is the best way to deal with this. Now I am not speaking from a vendictive end, but only to possibly save yourself some money. All your frustrations and furry as you know in our businees is a result of people being people. Everyone has to look at it from thier own eyes, but doesn't seem to make it easier. I love you lots Honey. When you read this from me I hope your day is much much better.

Love always
Dad / Papa

Anonymous said...

Oh yea... one more thing...

Rosebud...say PA PA


Love ya