Monday, October 20, 2008

It's a zoo out there

After what seemed like a crazy week and an even crazier weekend Corey, Bethany and I decided that we needed some down time to spend as a family, doing something fun. The past few weekends although there was fun to be had we quite often wind up doing household chores, yard work etc. It's not so bad and it all has to be done but sometimes you just need to stop and focus on the fam.

Anyways after some debate we decided that since the weather was sunny (not warm at all) we'd trek down the Valley to the Greater Vancouver Zoo (located in Aldergrove...go figure). I don't remember being there before although I hear I've been and it's been years for Corey. Even if we both could remember our previous trip this would have topped them all, seeing the zoo and the animals through Bethany's eyes gives you a great deal of perspective.

I took my camera with the intention of getting some fantastic family shots and of taking photos of the animals to make Bethany her very own animal book. After this shot however, I gave up...

Talk about having your head up someone's ass*....

But I did manage to capture photos of the most important things at the zoo...

She really only has eyes for her Daddy.

The last photo is in front of a different donkey cage. Off all the cool and interesting animals we saw yesterday Bethany was in love with the donkeys. She'd have stayed at their pen all day if we let her. She was even unimpressed by the sheer greatness of the Giraffe. We climbed up the platform to stand at giraffe head height and all she could say was "No Mommy", "Go Mommy".

It was a truely wonderful day, and exactly what the doctor ordered. It's amazing how those precious moments with your family put everything else into perspective.

*Sorry, I really couldn't resist.

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Kami said...

HA! Love the donkey shot!