Monday, October 13, 2008

A list of thankful proportions

It wouldn't be a Thanksgiving weekend without a very heartfelt and genuine "Things I'm Thankful For" post. To be honest quite often I find them repetitive and cheesy but, on the other hand I also find them touching and thought provoking. Sometimes, it really is as simple as making a list of the things we are thankful for to remind us that all of those things that seem to be the worst thing in the world really aren't that bad. And that in reality, we are all very blessed and not so hard done by.

So, to make my elementary school teachers proud, here is my Thanksgiving, Thankfulness list:

1. I am so ever thankful that I have the husband that I do. It's no secret that God is the reason Corey and I are together and I am reminded on a daily basis why I love him beyond measure. Although we have our moments, they are very few and far between. He really is the one I was looking for, and this Thanksgiving, I`m even more grateful for him than ever. I mean what man can handle a Turkey dinner preparing, pregnant, over tired, and possibly slightly more emotional that normal woman, with grace and love. And still remember to tell her she`s beautiful when there are turkey guts all over her hands and she`s in her jammies at 10:30am ?

2. And not coming in second at all but just the other number one is Bethany. She is the joy I didn't know existed. When people tell you that you'll fall in love with your children you believe them but also scoff. I mean as much as you love your parents, I can hardly say I'm "in love" with them, how could the reciprocation of that love feel any different. Well trust me, it does. Her laughter is contagious, her personality priceless and the tender spirit in her brings tears to my eyes on a daily basis. Bethany truly is my every breath and somedays I swear my heart aches with love for her. But it truly is the most incredible pain I've ever felt and one I'm more thankful for each day.

3. Of course, the other, other number one is our precious Rosebud. Although this little one has yet to make an appearance in the world I still am so in love. And yes, I'm counting down the days to this pregnancy being over because I am so finished with feeling like an over blown beach ball, but also because now that I know the joy having your own child brings into your life, I can't wait to meet my second one! I am so thankful that God has given us the privilege and responsibility of being parents to yet another little pebble.

4. Even though I complain and will probably continue to complain, loudly to all who will listen about being pregnant, this really is very different than before. When I couldn't possibly stand up from my chair and walk to the car without pain, and frustration before, I manage to swallow this still present hurt and run with my daughter. When all I could do was resent the fact that I was pregnant and every movement of the in utero Bethany brought new pain, I can now relish in the fact that it will come to an end, and enjoy with a different love the feeling of our Rosebud's movements. I'm sure I'll again complain of a mini Stone boxing champ in there at the end, but it's not the same. The dark pit of pregnancy that I felt I was in with Bethany is not there with Rosebud. God's grace and love, shown in the faces of my husband and my daughter truly make this much easier. And for that I'll be eternally thankful.

5. What would a Thankful post be without being grateful for the family that we have. My parents are as always an ever present part of our lives and the other crutch that holds me up on days when I really don't want to keep going. My Mom is my buddy, my boss (both in and out of the office), my Mom and an amazing Grammy to Bethany and Rosebud. My Dad is my spiritual leader, my hug when things just seem too hard and Bethany's Papa - the mere mention of Papa's name and she's like a kitty after a shiny ribbon. PAPAPAPAPAPAPA? HEEELLLLOOOO PA.PA. I never knew that would feel so good. My brother was here as a surprise for dinner last night and he has no idea how he turned a day that felt like it was going under into a happy one. He really is more of a light in our family than he knows.

And to add to that Corey's Mom and John were here to join us. The blessing that they are to this family is wonderful. Bethany took to her Bunkas(that's Bethany for both Grandma and Grandpa) right away and enjoyed thoroughly their company all weekend. She had Grandma picking up apples from our trees and playing with her outside and Grandpa "helping" a dolly walk up and down our long hallways all weekend. The laughter and smiles of joy were wonderful. And to add to all that love, John's helpful hands this weekend enabled us to have our crawlspace and mysterious cellar insulated so we'll be warm for the winter. We are so thankful for them, that they could be here and that they also arrived back home safely.

6. Adding to the family list, we are so grateful for Corey's brothers. Travis, Wyatt and of course Scott. And not just Scott but his wife Chelsea too. They have their very own number because they have something that not only they are thankful for but us too. They are expecting their first baby in November and we couldn't be more excited for them! This baby is a long awaited member to join our family and someone we are so grateful is getting to be here. Now if he'd hurry up and arrive I'm sure his Momma would be double thankful.

7. Sometimes we forget to be so thankful for the simpler things in life. For our home, our food, our jobs, our vehicles (even if the one that's big and brown I'd like to torch, ahem) and where we live. I am grateful for all those things, we really do have everything we need.

8. I`m so glad that the Turkey thawed in time to go in the oven. Yesterday was the first Turkey dinner I cooked solo and at 9am my bird was still full of ice....a few dozen panicked phone calls to my Dad, a sink full of cool water and a rather desperate prayer and she made it into the oven on time. And add to that, everybody was happy and nobody had food poisoning, a success. Oh, and the guy who invented the Look Bag is my other favorite inventor, next to the Post-It guy of course. They totally should be driven around in gold plated Chevys.

9. After watching Canada`s Worst Driver today I`m so thankful that my driving blunders are nothing in comparison to some of those poor people. They shine a totally different light on people who got their driver's licenses from a cracker jack boxes.

10. And to top of the list we are thankful for you! The people who read our blog (especially my long winded ones) to the end, leave comments and make us feel loved.

I hope your Thanksgiving was something to be grateful for, Happy Turkey Day from our crazy house to yours!


Anonymous said...

You did a terrific job of dinner my dear. Yummmy!!! Daddy and I were talking after we left about how thankful we are for the dear little family we have. We are so thankful that God brought you and Corey together and has given us Bethany and now Rosebud. We are so thankful for Dustin and his dear Kristan and the love we feel there. Thank you for taking the task of dinner and to both of you for opening your home. We love yas! Love Mom / Grammy

Jen said...

You have a lot to be thankful for! I love hearing about how blessed people are. :)

Anonymous said...

Hehee i don't think Corey's truck is brown....i think it's more of a PURPLE!!! hehee just buggin! Sounds like you guys had a great Thanksgiving as well. Wish that we were all together as you guys