Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Precious Stone

On November 4th 2008 Corey's brother Scott and his wife Chelsea welcomed their first baby into this world! Now, we have said right from the start that we thought they were having a little boy. We were convinced enough that I'd have made a wager (were I a betting woman) on it. However, early last Tuesday morning Chloe surprised us with her early arrival into our lives! (2 weeks early = a Mommy's sigh of relief, safe but not overdue).

Friday, Corey, Bethany and I loaded our selves and three million tons of gear into the car and made the journey to Kelowna to hold that beautiful little girl. Oh, how I'd forgotten what it felt like to hold a new baby, and how tiny they really are. Chloe Elizabeth Stone was born 7lbs 6oz and 19" long. Only 2oz less and 1" longer than Bethany but I really don't think my big girl was ever so tiny or frail. Kissing her tiny head, and watching her sleep brought back floods of memories I wasn't prepared for, but what rocked my world was seeing Scott and Chelsea as parents.

We never doubted that they'd love their new baby and we knew that they could totally handle being parents but I don't think we were prepared to see them love so very much. For the first time in his life I think Scott has something he truely cherishes more than his big, orange Chevy (ok, no, the second, Chelsea was definately the first!). The only other time I have ever seen a man look at a little girl the way Scott looks at Chloe is when Corey looks at Bethany. There is something that pulls on your very bottom heart string seeing that kind of love. Chelsea has slid into the Mommy roll with grace and smiles, loving Chloe more than I think even she expected and totally unaware of the love that's going to follow. You'll never love anything or anyone more than your children, however many that is, they all receive and give such a breathtaking love.

Bethany too was in love with the "Tiny Baby", in a few days I'll post a video of me telling her that they had a new baby, her reaction was sweet. All weekend long, as we held and cuddled Chloe Bethany would peer on with curiousity, climb up for a kiss and a look and carry on. There is no doubt in my mind that she'll be a fantastic big sister! Especially when she was willing to part with her own Soother so that Chloe could have it. Breath ease, Chloe politely declined, they're cousins, they'll be close, but not that close. I can't wait for their bond to grow.

So welcome Chloe, we are so glad you are here little one! Congratulations Scott and Chelsea, hang onto your hats your ride has just begun!

This is the result of my telling them to "Smile with your teeth", nice but um, Scott...try not to show that you've survived on Coffee for a week.

Better smiles but "Hellllooooo, I'm over here"

Grandpa Bert

Bethany checking out her new "tiny baby" cousin.

Chloe, just precious.


Anonymous said...

Welcome little Chloe!!! You are so beautiful!!!! Give Mommy and Daddy a hug for me.

Jackie and Darwin

Kristina said...

Wow she sure is beautiful! Congrats to the mommy and daddy, to the rest of the family!

Daisy said...

Congrats to the mom and dad -- and to the extended family. Chloe is lucky to be born into so much love.

Anonymous said...

It really is the most beautiful thing to be grandparents. We were so blessed to be a part of the family gettogether to welcome Chloe home. I love your pictures Ashley, they are beautiful and full of love. We so enjoyed the visit with you all. Love John & Mom

mommyknows said...

What a great post. Congratulations to Chloes parents (and aunt, uncle and cousin), she is gorgeous.

MK xo