Friday, December 12, 2008

5th from the 5th and 5 More

This morning I got tagged by Cakes to do a special photo post. The rules: go to your Pictures, choose the 5th folder, and the 5th picture in that folder and post it. So here we go...

This is the deck of one of the boats that we saw when we were in
Victoria this past summer. I should actually say one of the ships, the weekend we were there was the weekend that the Tall Ships visited Victoria. Corey was facinated by them, that big metal thing off the side is actually a BBQ, you know in case you wanted to entertain 1 or 2 hundred people on your vacay.

Anyways, that's the photo, now I'm supposed to tag 5 people:
Rachel Joy (if the baby doesn't arrive first, we want to see those ones more! )

Let's see what's hiding in your pictures!

1 comment:

rachel joy said...

sigh, sorry. Just yesterday I deleted all my folders as we have a different way to store them in iphoto on our mac. I love the digital age, I deleted 690 photos that I didn't need to keep. Anyway, thanks for thinking of me but I'll pass on this one.