Monday, December 8, 2008

Daddy First

One of the things I love so much about being a Mommy is watching Corey be a Daddy. His bond with Bethany never ceases to melt my heart and has many times made me think of the love I have for my Dad.

I can remember wondering, while pregnant with Beth what Corey's relationship would be like with our baby. Any worries I had vanished the moment he held her and watching that relationship blossom and grow is amazing.

Corey is as a Dad so many of the things I'm not as a Mom. He's patient when I'm frustrated, he's playful when I'm exhausted, he sneaks her treats when I'm out working....(she let it slip the other day that on "Daddy Date's" they have "Green Treats" = Green Mint M&M's). She looks at Corey like her sun rises and sets on him. She loves riding in his truck, playing outside together and running laps around our house laughing until she can hardly stand.

As she's grown up there are certain things that I've left for them to share together for the first time because Mommy's get so many firsts. I heard her first laugh, was there for the first pee on the potty, painted her toenails the first time and am generally the first one turned to when something makes her sad.

But now Daddy has shared some monumental firsts - he held her first and saw her first smile, changed the first poopy diaper and took her on her first truck ride. She had her first bite of ice cream, took her first ride on a lawn mower and shared her first Advent Calendar with Daddy.

This past weekend saw another first for my sweetpea duo. Saturday was a cold and rainy day, one perfect for warm fires and good movies. One, also perfect for hot chocolate. Daddy and Bethany settled down at the table for her very first mug of hot chocolate. Needless to say the little girl who hates cake (like her Daddy) and pushed away "ewwww" chocolate milk (her words defiantly not ours) is in love with one of her Daddy's favorite treats. Take a look at the warm chocolaty goodness...

Just like Daddy...

I love how she looks at him!

This was our work family Christmas party, Daddy got her ready...I love the dress!
My Mom told me a long time ago that a little girl's self esteem is greatly dependent on the relationship she has with her Dad. Both in how they bond and how he encourages her in who she is and how wonderful that person is. It's so very true, my relationship with my Dad is something very special to me, something that I cherish so very much.

And I know that the wonderful bond I see between my two greatest loves is one that fantastic memories, problem solving hugs and a strong, confident woman is built on. He really is a wonderful father, just look at her face.


Kami said...

So sweet!

Kristina said...

Ashley, that post made my heart melt! It is so true about a girls self esteem and how her father treated her. The love that radiates out of Bethany's eyes is just amazing. She no doubt loves her daddy.

Cakes said...

Aren't Daddies the best! So, glad I found you. I gotta go poke around now.